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      Our Garage Door Services

      Garage door not opening? Need a quick fix? Call us now and we’ll send over a professional technician. We are skilled in handling a variety of garage brands, styles and configurations.

      Garage door repair

      We fix them all


      garage door springs and cables


      Track adjustment & replacement


      Automatic opener Installation


      Replace garage door broken rollers, hinges and sensors

      Door Repair

      Repair openers of all manufacturers

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      Our Garage Door Repair Service Areas


      Garage door problems can be a headache. More so, they can put a huge dent on your budget if you don’t get them fixed right away.

      If you don’t want to waste time or money, it’s best that you hire an emergency garage door repair professional to ensure that the job is done right the first time.

      At Fixadoor Garage Door Services, we are dedicated in solving all your garage door repair needs wherever you are in the Greater Toronto Area, including Ajax, Brampton, Etobicoke, Markham, Mississauga, North York, Pickering, Scarborough, Toronto, and Vaughan.

      We have been repairing garage doors for residential and commercial spaces for many years now. We are one of the largest garage door repair companies in the GTA, offering services that you can trust. We always make sure that every job is done as quickly and as efficiently as possible and for a reasonable price.

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      Read More About Our Garage Door Repair Services

      Broken Spring Replacement

      Garage door springs breaking is a totally common problem – something that can easily be addressed by a professional.

      A broken garage cable can sometimes come unexpectedly and definitely, will make matters even worse.

      Garage door opener

      We have trained our technicians for garage door opener repair, and serve all manufacturers.

      garage door track repair

      Our garage door repair company offers repairs on different overhead off-track problems.

      garage door auto opener repair

      Is your garage door automatic opener not moving as smoothly as it used to? Give us a call.

      Door Rollers, Hinges & Sensors repair

      Are your garage door rollers damaged? Do not hesitate to call for assistance and repair.

      Commercial Garage Door Repair Mississauga

      Any commercial garage door malfunction could lead to serious business interruption. Call us at Fixadoor.

      Garage Door Installation Mississauga and GTA

      Are you from the Greater Toronto Area? Looking for a professional installation? Give us a call.

      24 Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

      We offer a professional service in garage door repair in Toronto and GTA, including door openers, roll up garage doors, Commercial garage door repair, high-speed doors, and much more. We guarantee an unmatched repair service that has been recognized by consumers in all of the GTA.


      We can guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us today and join the long list of our satisfied customers.

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      If you need professional help in garage door repair, replacements, installations, off-track fixes and openers, contact us today no matter where you are in the GTA. We are more than happy to give you the best value for your money.

      • I'm Stuck
      • Costs
      • Loud Noise

      My Garage Door Is Stuck!

      There are about five different reasons that can cause your overhead door to be jammed: lodged overhead door track, overhead door locked, broken overhead door springs or the overhead door is off track.

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      How Much Does A Repair Cost?

      It is hard to name a price for a repair due to the fact repairs can vary in complexity. Remember that the style of the door determines how difficult a repair will be to finish. This is one factor that makes a overhead door more expensive to repair.

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      My garage door makes banging noises

      It can be very annoying and disruptive to have a door that bangs, squeaks, and shrieks. Moreover, these noises may be the sign of a serious issue.

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      Reasons You Need a Garage Door
      Repair Professional

      While it does seem more practical to try to repair your garage door yourself, it can cost you more in the long run if the job isn’t done correctly. Here are some reasons it’s wiser to hire a professional.

      1. They have the necessary skills

      Say you have all the right tools to repair your own garage door. But the question is: do you know how to use all of them? Quick fixes, like tightening a loosened screw, for example, can be done by anyone with the right set of tools. But if you know nothing about using a screwdriver, for example, then you’re not going anywhere with your equipment. In fact, you can do more damage than fixing the problem.

      A few questions to ask yourself before attempting to fix your garage door or any part of your house all by yourself:

      1. Do I have the necessary skills to actually fix the problem?
      2. Do I have the right tools?
      3. Is doing the work myself worth my time?
      4. Do I mind getting sweaty and dirty?

      If you’re shaking your head right now reading those questions, then you’re better off seeking help from an expert in garage door repair around the Greater Toronto Area.

      2. Hiring a professional is more cost-effective in the long run

      A lot of homeowners nowadays choose to go the DIY route, thanks to all the power tools available in the market.

      Again, there’s no problem in trying to fix a simple problem, like unclogging slow-draining sinks or fixing faulty cabinet doors. But when it comes to garage doors, you need to seek help from the experts because not being able to properly repair them can jeopardize your home’s and your family’s security and safety.

      3. Guaranteed faster turnaround time

      If you decide to fix your garage door on your own, you’ll need to spend some time researching and studying how to do it properly.

      This will most likely take a few days or even weeks before you can have some confidence in dealing with the problem. This means that your home and family will be put at risk while your garage door is left damaged for days or weeks.

      Since professionals in garage door repair services have years of experience in this kind of work, they can guarantee you that they will be able to fix it as quickly as possible. This means that within days, you’ll be able to sleep more soundly at night knowing that your home is safe and secured.

      4. Accidents and injuries can be avoided

      The proper way of restoring anything in your house requires the right tools and the right skill set.

      Aside from that, repairing garage doors also involve lifting heavy weights, which should require two or more people for the job.

      So if you’re unsure how to properly rectify an issue in your garage door and you don’t have anyone to help you with it, it’s best to hire an expert instead.

      That way you can avoid accidents or injuries that can possibly happen if you’re not really confident in what you’re doing.

      5. Guaranteed quality repairs that will last for years

      One of the most compelling reasons for hiring professionals in garage door repair in GTA area is being sure of the quality of the job. This also means that you’ll get your money’s worth if you hire an expert like Fixadoor Garage Door Services.

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