600 tickets for parking in their own driveway

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How many parking tickets are one too many?

Twenty, 50, 100? Try 600.

That’s the number of tickets — possibly even more —one Markham couple has accumulated over the past six years, totalling, they say, about $25,000.

“It’s at least a hundred tickets every year,” said Jeffrey Burke, adding most tickets are from “parking in our own driveway. My wife and I feel we are being targeted.” He got two tickets in one day some weeks ago, he said.

Markham officials, however, tell a different story.

Bill Wiles, the town’s bylaw manager, says the couple’s cars have been ticketed for blocking the sidewalk, for encroaching on the street, for parking overnight on the street when it’s not allowed.

“We’ve cautioned them but … I’ve never seen a case like this,” he said.

Burke, 31, his wife Pamela Defino, 30, and their toddler daughter, Vasilika, live in a detached home on Saffron St. in north Markham. Their one-car garage home has a small driveway, split by the sidewalk.

Burke says he can park his truck, a GMC Sierra, between the garage door and the sidewalk but there’s no place for his wife’s car, a BMW SUV. The garage is full of construction equipment, he said, and the SUV would be difficult to park inside it regardless.

That leaves them with no choice but to park the SUV in the space between the sidewalk and road, he said. “The tires are still on the driveway…maybe the bumper sticks out a bit on the street.” But it doesn’t interfere with traffic,…

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