Accidental dump? Edmonton’s mystery garbage pile stumps Parkdale residents

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EDMONTON —What began as a molehill has become a mountain.

Of garbage.

Residents in Edmonton’s central neighbourhood of Parkdale are fuming over a pile of trash that’s been slowly taking over a neighbourhood alleyway since March.

Starting near the garage door of a vacant house near 86 St. and 112 Ave., then creeping into the alley, the pile stands nearly a metre high and includes, among other things, used syringes and bicycle tires, several folding chairs, and a 10 litre pail of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.

Tracy Patience, a Parkdale resident who has lived in the community for 23 years, says the growing pile has been a problem since the summer, when neighbours started using the driveway of the now-vacant property as a dumping ground.

“Since the people have moved out of there, it’s been a constant trash problem,” Patience said.

She first called 311 to report the pile to the city in mid-March—back when it was just a shopping cart and a few piles of cardboard—but a city official said they’ve been aware of the growing problem since January, when it was first reported.

The heap came to a head last Friday when an illegally dumped mattress blocked traffic. Patience said her husband couldn’t make it through the mess.

“He actually couldn’t drive his truck down the alley because the mattress and everything had been moved out into the middle (of the alley),” she added.

She says she has reported two more times since then.

Meanwhile, the pile has been generating…

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