24/7 Garage Door Repair Ajax

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    24/7 Garage Door Repair Ajax

    24/7 Garage Door Repair Ajax

    24/7 repair service is a thing due to the multitude of problems that can take place at any given time of the day when it comes to garage doors.

    Despite only functioning to open and close and remaining closed for the rest of the day, it still malfunctions.

    These doors, on average, weigh 250 to 400 pounds.

    It is meant to be durable and can last for a long time.

    The same cannot be said for its parts.

    Yes, it will last years.

    However, technology evolves, and garage door motors need to be updated, along with its summative parts.

    Basic tune-ups and maintenance are expected.

    That does not prevent the wearing of these parts due to time.

    Here are some common garage door problems that require a repair specialist.

    Common Garage Door Problems

    Loose Hardware

    Loose hardware is a common problem with garage doors.

    From the eye-opener to every other part, the screws and bolts that keep it together will loosen.

    If you do not do basic maintenance, then loose hardware can lead to bigger problems.

    Loose garage door hardware makes it prone to wearing off.

    When the garage door vibrates, that can be a sign that there are loose screws and bolts.

    If you are not confident in handling parts near wirings, you can call for a technician to assist you.

    Roller Bearings Replacement

    Roller bearings stay on the track and let the door roll up and down.

    When the roller bearings start to wear off or an incident causes it to break, it needs a total replacement.

    You will know that there is a problem with the roller bearing when your door is off track.

    That and the door produces loud, screeching sounds.

    The door is lopsided, even if the cables are intact.

    If the roller bearings need replacement, do not engage in replacing it and call for a specialist.

    Especially for the vertical track, the wirings can electrocute you.

    You will need to dismantle the tracks and the pulleys that keep it in place, and that can be dangerous.

    Roller bearing replacement requires a series of measurements and special tools to prevent electrocution and the door crashing down.

    Antenna Problems

    When you press the remote, and your door refuses to open, there might be something wrong with the antenna.

    If you have a neighbor whose frequency is equal to yours, they may be accidentally operating your garage door.

    That or there is a problem with your antenna’s range, and the devices near your antenna that emit radiofrequency effects it.

    There are several things that a technician will need to do.

    First, they will need to change the frequency of your transmitter.

    Depending on the problem, it may require a signal jammer.

    If there is a problem with the antenna range, you can add an antenna extension.

    The antenna extension increases the scope of your range, allowing you to open the door at a further distance.

    Drained Transmitter Batteries

    Drained transmitter batteries stop your door from receiving signals to open and close.

    If the issue is drained transmitter batteries, the easy fix is to replace all of the batteries.

    The reason being is that the batteries were placed on the same date, and all of it is possibly drained.

    However, you also need to factor in if your transmitter has started to deteriorate.

    Transmitters have a certain lifespan.

    Depending on the time of its installation, the transmitter may need to be replaced.

    Track door stops running

    When your track door refuses to open and emits loud, grinding noises, that means your track door stopped running.

    The reason may be because the door became anchored to the garage walls.

    A technician can simply separate the door from the wall and tighten the bolts.

    However, if the damage is severe, then the last resort is to replace the track doors.

    Homeowners cannot avoid these kinds of problems.

    It can happen anytime.

    That is why regular maintenance is encouraged to diagnose early symptoms and do early fixing before the problem becomes severe.

    We at Fixadoor Garage Door Services have a branch on Ajax, and it is open 24/7.

    Call us for diagnostics and repairs.

    Garage Door Repair in Ajax FAQ

    How long does it take to replace a garage door?

    Roughly 3 to 4 hours, if done properly. It could take less depending on the repair that is needed.

    How often should my a garage door be serviced?

    Your garage door is a large piece of moving equipment made up of many parts. Some families use their garage door more than their front door. We recommend having your garage door and operator serviced every year in order to ensure a properly working door and operator. The noises your door or operator makes are your initial warning signs that something is not quite right. The longer you put off the necessary service, the more damage may result.

    How long do garage door springs usually last?

    The most common torsion springs have an expected life of about 10,000 cycles (one opening and one closing is a cycle.)

    What is the life span of a garage door opener?

    The average life span of a door opener can vary from 10 to 20 years depending on the model and usage.

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