Commercial Garage Door Motor

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    Commercial Garage Door Motor

    Whether it is used for a small business or a big manufacturing factory, commercial garage doors are essential in keeping businesses safe.

    Even in a home setting, garage doors are very important when it comes to ensuring the safety of the house when no one is around.

    Thus, it should be able to function properly at all times.

    There is a wide range of commercial garage doors to choose from in the market.

    They all provide the same features, so it all boils down to its quality and functionality.

    However, just like any machinery, it is also vulnerable to damages.

    Some are only minor damages, which can be easily resolved through do-it-yourself repairs.

    There are also instances where the damage is within the commercial garage door motor itself.

    It can be caused by a lot of factors, and these might call for an immediate garage door motor repair.

    Here are some of the issues that might cause damage to the motor, and how these issues can be fixed:

    Faulty rollers

    As we all know, garage doors have wheels that enable them to move the door along the track.

    When properly lubricated, these make the process of opening the door a lot easier.

    Most of the garage door rollers are made out of metal, nylon, and plastic.

    Unlike a residential garage door, commercial garage doors have more rollers due to their size.

    Depending on the type and how often the door is being used, these rollers will catch a lot of dirt and debris over time.

    This will have an impact on its functionality.

    When this happens, opening the door might be harder and in a worst-case scenario, the door will not open up.

    Most of the time, the rollers will only need oil lubrication to function again.

    If the rollers are completely damaged or when it refuses to move, it might be the right time to get a replacement.

    Call a professional for a more convenient and safer transaction.

    Misaligned tracks

    As we all know, garage doors and metal tracks go hand in hand, so the track needs to be in place for the door to function properly.

    Even if the door is not damaged, most of the issues faced by commercial garage door owners are misaligned tracks.

    These tracks can become damaged over time, which can cause misalignment.

    Once this happens, the rollers can cause damage to the tracks, and this will cause the motor to malfunction as it tries to work on the tracks.

    It is important to detect the damage right away so that the issue will not become severe and so that a major garage door motor will not be needed.

    One damaged track can already cause major damage to the entire machinery so if the problem has already become complicated, it would be ideal to call a specialist for further inspection.

    It is better to get help from someone who knows more about the machinery in order to be safe and to ensure that the same problem will not occur again.

    Malfunctioning motor

    A commercial garage door motor is the most important part of the entire machinery.

    It has cables that enable the door to function properly, and once these cables are damaged, it will cause the entire system to stop functioning.

    Because of the heavy functionality of the door, these cables can be easily damaged which may lead to the breakdown of the motor.

    There are a lot of factors behind a damaged motor.

    Most of these factors involve cables that have been worn out due to age.

    It can also be due to the frequent usage of the door, and other circumstances that may be caused by human error.

    A commercial garage door is often used, so this issue can happen especially to those doors that are made of low-quality materials.

    Frequent maintenance of the garage door will prevent this issue from happening.

    However, if it is already too late and the motor is already malfunctioning, a replacement might be required.

    When the garage door refuses to do its job and a damaged motor is suspected, there may be a need for extensive garage door motor repair.

    Thus, it is the time to call for professional help.

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    When the damage is within the commercial garage door motor itself, it is important to get only the best solution since it is the most important part of the door.

    With excellent service and a great repair cost, our experts at Fixadoor Garage Doors Repair can assure you that your door will be functioning again in no time.

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