Here’s Why DIY Garage Door Repair Isn’t Safe

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    DIY Garage Door Repair unsafe

    Many households have garage doors, and many opt to apply do-it-yourself fixes instead of calling for professional help.

    While taking the initiative and saving bucks might be tempting, did you know that there are hazards to garage door repairs that you do yourself?

    Home repair projects might be ideal for many.

    However, there is a reason why there are professionals who are only a call away.

    Below are the hazards that people could encounter when applying a DIY repair to their garage door.

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    Wrong Diagnosis

    As an automated machine, a garage door is a system that is composed of many parts to operate smoothly.

    Little understanding of the multiple components will most likely lead to misdiagnosing a problem.

    For example, situations where broken springs causing loose cables will make people think that the main problem is only with the cables, so they apply fixes to that component only.

    Not only is there a misdiagnosis, but the root problem also did not get fixed.

    Because of this, people will get the wrong impression that everything is alright already, when, in fact, the problem continues to persist and is worsening by the day.

    Less Attention to Detail

    Professionals are trained to understand every complicated nook and cranny on garage doors, giving them the expert mind to pay attention to every detail that needs to be attended to during repairs.

    However, the general public lacks that training, and applying do-it-yourself repairs will not have the meticulousness that professionals are trained and paid to have.

    This carelessness will lead to incorrect and half-hearted ways of applying repairs, which is not suitable for the garage door’s longevity.

    Constant feeble attempts of mending on the garage door will undoubtedly shorten the lifespan of the garage door.

    Damages will occur more often and become more prominent over time, which will eventually lead to higher costs.

    Using Wrong Parts

    Various manufacturers develop garage doors.

    Often, specific and matching parts are found only from the company that provided your garage door, which means generic parts are not advised to be used.

    All professionals are aware of that, however, are homeowners aware too?

    People can be unaware of it, or are aware but do not care, making them frequently improvise using parts manufactured for general use.

    Using the wrong parts is very dangerous because machinery failures that can cause injuries could happen.

    Not only does the problem remain unfixed, but you are also worsening the condition of the garage door and endangering the lives of you and your family who could be there at the wrong time that the garage door fails because of the improvised fixes you opted to apply.

    Deadly Torsion Springs

    Although springs are one of the most crucial parts that make the garage door operate smoothly, it is also one of the most dangerous parts.

    Did you know that spring failures can cause deaths?

    This problem is because springs are under constant tension.

    After all, it is the main force that fights gravity to make the heavy door lighter, so it usually breaks apart violently when it can no longer take the pressure.

    There have been people who have died due to garage door spring failures, and most of the time, it’s because they attempted to fix the issue themselves, even though they lacked the mastery to do so.

    There will be more deaths if people insist on do-it-yourself projects and opt-out to call for professional help to fix any spring issues.

    Plummeting Garage Door

    Garage doors are weighty and can weigh up to 400 pounds, making do-it-yourself fixes very dangerous.

    Professionals are trained to follow the proper procedures in fixing any issues with garage doors, so they are very skilled in repairing problems without endangering anyone’s life.

    However, many homeowners lack those skills, but still prefer to apply fixes on their own.

    Many complications with the repairs can result in the safety features failing and the garage door crashing down, potentially crushing you, your family, your pets, or your car with its weight.

    Like torsion springs, garage doors are one of the most dangerous parts of the system because their weight alone can cause severe injuries or even death.

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