Etobicoke Garage Door Installation

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    Etobicoke Garage Door Installation

    Etobicoke Garage Door Installation

    Etobicoke is one of Toronto’s developed suburban districts where business thrives such as housing and shopping malls. It has several highways and expressways developed in the area, which means the residents own a car as a means of transportation.

    If you’re living in Etobicoke, it’s not surprising if your neighbors have their garage door installed in their house. A garage door is essential because it provides security to homeowners. It prevents break-ins that may put your vehicle at risk.

    It also provides convenience for car owners because they can enter and exit with just a push of a button.

    Moreover, it has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, which is a worthy investment. You only need to maintain and clean it regularly to maintain its performance.

    If you’re considering a garage door installation at your home, don’t worry because Fixadoor will back you up. Don’t prolong the hesitation. Contact us to get a quote!

    And if you’re curious how installation works, we can give an overview of how we do it.

    Garage Door Installation Overview

    1. Place the weather-stripping to the garage door’s bottom part.
    2. Screw the weather stripping with cable brackets.
    3. Attach the hinges at the garage door’s bottom panel with an impact driver.
    4. Place the bottom door panel in the garage doorway.
    5. Place the rollers inside the brackets attached to the door.
    6. Insert the rollers into the track. Screw the track to the door frame.
    7. Attach hinges to the second door panel.
    8. Mount the second panel onto the first one in the doorway.
    9. Join the first bottom door panel and second only with a hinge screw.
    10. Insert the roller and hinge into the track. Attach both components to the second door panel.
    11. Check the alignment of the track, then screw it to the wall framing.
    12. Repeat step 8 for the third door panel.
    13. Adjust track to fit the door. Tighten the lag screws using a wrench.
    14. Connect vertical and horizontal track sections with the curved one.
    15. Secure the top door panel with hinge screws.
    16. Attach the top hinges and rollers.
    17. Place the garage-door spring on top of the door-track bracket.
    18. Hold the door open by tightening the locking pliers onto the track.
    19. Position the steel cable over the pulleys at the track’s end part. Make sure to secure the cable end to the bracket.
    20. Attach the S-hook to the bracket, and then clip it onto the track.
    21. Place the safety cable at the center of each spring, and attach it to the bracket.
    22. Finally, test the door if it opens or closes.

    Trust us, and we’ll do the job for you!

    We know that garage door installation is a complicated process.

    But we understand how important it is to have a fully-functioning garage door. So leave the task to us to avoid the hassle.

    Moreover, we have trained, dedicated, and the best professionals for your garage door needs. We ensure that our technicians’ training is up to date since technology is evolving fast, and we don’t want to get behind. As technology improves, we should improve our skills and training as well.

    Furthermore, we are only one call away and we can dispatch the best technician for your overhead door installation. We also provide extended services such as overhead door repairs, replacement, and tune-ups.

    So don’t wait anymore, and contact us to receive our services!

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    Installing a garage door is indeed stressful; that is why we lessen the hassle for you, and we will do our job. With over 15 years in the industry, we promise we are efficient and quick, and you won’t waste your money on us.

    So whether you want a garage door repair, installation, or replacement, Fixadoor will provide everything that you ask for.

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    Steve Wilson

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