Garage Door Opener Antenna Problems

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    Garage Door Opener Antenna Problems

    Garage Door Opener Antenna Problems?

    Does your garage door refuse to open or close when you press the remote?

    Homeowners share that headache too.

    There are many reasons why garage doors don’t open.

    Some of its physical parts of the door such as broken springs and snapped cables.

    Then there’s the electrical part in the equation.

    The garage door opener antenna receives the signal when you press the remote control open. At least, that should be the case.

    There are ways to improve the opener range.

    However, if problems persist, then it may be time to focus on the garage door opener antenna.

    What is a garage door opener antenna?

    The garage door opener is the device that signals the garage doors to open.

    It is controlled by remote control which people use from a short distance.

    The antenna is a part of the door opener and it is responsible for receiving the signal.

    When the overhead door does not open despite fixing the mechanical aspects of the door itself, the opener is the problem.

    How to improve garage door opener antenna

    It is fairly simple to improve a garage door opener antenna.

    One is to remove anything that emits radiofrequency and electricity surrounding the area.

    Those can be light bulbs, radios, it can even be the neighbor’s radio jamming the signal.

    If that is the case, then having a jamming device placed on the area where the disruptions come from will help solve your problems.

    Another way to improve your garage door antenna is to keep it in place.

    That means that lose bolts should be taken care of.

    To be honest, most built-in antennas tend to deteriorate.

    That is why it can be tedious when the time comes.

    The simple fix is to prolong the life of the antenna by adding an extension.

    When that does not work, you need to replace the antenna itself.

    Having Garage Door Opener Antenna Problems?

    Tilted Antenna

    Yes, that can be a problem.

    If something has physically bumped into the antenna and kept it tilted, then your antenna will have difficulties in receiving signals.

    Another issue will be loosened bolts that do not keep the antenna in its place.

    You can fix all of these issues on your own by tightening bolts and straightening your antenna, along with the cable.

    For that, you will need a stepladder, screwdriver, insulated wire staples, a wire hammer, batteries, insulated gloves, and the antenna extension kit.

    Step #1

    Place yourself on the ladder at shoulder height.

    Step #2

    Secure surrounding areas to make sure that you won’t fall.

    Step #3

    With that, release the tabs that keep the antenna unit in place.

    Step #4

    Remove the antenna’s cover.

    Step #5

    Use the screwdriver to loosen the small wire antenna.

    Step #6

    Remove one end of it.

    Install the antenna’s extension kit as per instructions.

    Step #7

    Attach the wire with the end of the extension using the screwdriver.

    Step #8

    Place the loosened bolts in place and tighten it.

    The extension wires should be placed in the ceiling or around the antenna.

    If that still does not work, the problem may be

    Frequency Devices

    The devices that emit radiofrequency, or disrupt the signals on its own such as LED lights, can cause the antenna to not receive the signal.

    Even microwaves can affect the signal. Some of these devices cannot be removed from its place. Especially the radios of your neighbors.

    If that’s the case, then you might need to relocate your antenna.

    How to relocate Antenna

    First, unplug the antenna.

    Note: The instructions will be complicated.

    Remove the garage door opener from its place.

    Locate the external antenna wires from the operator.

    The external wires need to be removed from its attachment to the logic board.

    Measure the distance of the opener to the garage, which will give you an estimate of how far you can place your antenna.

    Use antenna extension wires to extend the distance of the antenna if it is placed far.

    Overall, these two problems of garage door opener antennas can be avoided at installation. Protect the antenna from dirt build-up and clean it from time to time. If you are unsure of how to do that, give us a call.

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