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    Garage Door Opener Repair Vaughan

    Garage Door Opener Repair Vaughan

    Are you looking for a way to fix your garage door opener in Vaughan?

    Look no further as Fixadoor Garage Door Services will provide the highest quality and service you need!

    We offer a variety of services in Vaughan at a reasonable price. So whether you want an overhead door opener repair or replacement, we are just one call away to cater to your needs promptly.

    Furthermore, we have fully-trained professionals so expect excellent and outstanding results when you choose us.

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    Garage Door Opener Issues

    A garage door opener is one of the most crucial areas to maintain to allow for smooth operation.

    It usually lasts for 10 years when it is properly maintained. But when it has exceeded its life, or you don’t do regular maintenance, it might need a repair or a replacement. And it can be frustrating, right?

    Before you head on to call for garage door repairs, you might want to check the following issues. Maybe what you’ve been experiencing only needs a DIY fix or professional help.

    1. The wall switch does not work. When you find out that the remote for your garage door opener works and the wall switch doesn’t, you need to replace the wall switch itself or the wires.  To know if it’s damaged, detach the switch from the wall and touch the wires together. If the circuit runs, then it’s a bad switch.
    2. The remote does not work. After checking the batteries and the remote still does not work, maybe you need to buy a remote. You don’t need to call for a technician to do this. Know the remote model for your opener, and you’re good to go.
    3. The door only closes when you hold the wall switch. The safety sensors can be the culprit here, so make sure they are aligned. If not, simply replace it.
    4. No sound or light when you click on the remote or the wall switch. The circuit board is most likely the culprit. If you don’t know the technical stuff, call Fixadoor Garage Door Services so that they do the job for you.
    5. The garage door produces noise but does not move. The main drive gear is damaged. Make sure to contact a repairer to fix it.
    6. The garage door does not open. Make sure to lubricate the rail when it comes in contact with the trolley. A silicon spray is recommended. If it still does not work, then maybe the chains are damaged, especially if your opener is a chain drive type. Get it replaced by a technician.
    7. The garage door does not close. The knobs are responsible for controlling how far the door opens or closes. If the door travels down too much, it can cause the rail to bend upward. It can cause wear and tear on the gears and other components.

    Finally, a doorstop is recommended to prevent the trolley from crashing into the opener. The carriage trolley should stop before it hits the bolt.

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    Vaughan is the fifth largest city in Toronto, that is why many businesses have been thriving here, and one of them is Fixadoor Garage Door Services.

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    If you have been experiencing some of the overhead door opener issues above and the simple fixes did not work, call us now and get a free quote!

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