Garage Door Remote Not Working? Here’s Why

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    Garage Door Remote Not Working? Here are Some of the Reasons Why.

    Automatic garage doors won’t function without the help of remotes.

    While they can still be operated manually, the whole essence of being automatic will be stripped away if they won’t work correctly.

    If you have encountered this predicament, you’re in the correct spot.

    This article will discuss why your automatic garage door remote won’t work, and several possible solutions that you can do.

    Batteries are Depleted

    Perhaps one of the common reasons why remotes would stop working is faulty or depleted batteries.

    It may apply to other device remotes as well.

    This reason isn’t that much severe and wouldn’t require a professional garage door repair specialist’s assistance.

    The standard life span of a garage door remote battery is two years, so if you haven’t checked on those for the said timeframe, it is best to do so as soon as possible to prevent more complications on the device.

    To make sure that your batteries are indeed depleted, you may use the manual control panel that can be found near the automatic door.

    If it works, you can safely assume that a battery replacement would fix the problem.

    Signal Disruption

    If, by any chance, that the remote batteries are new and they are intended to work, you may proceed to a signal disruption diagnosis.

    It is common for remotes not to function if they are being used very far from the receiver.

    You may try to stand at least 20 ft. From the receiver to check if it works.

    It is also worth noting that signals can be interrupted by walls, so if the receiver is having a sort of hindrance, try to make the adjustment yourself and find a position that can benefit the signal being transmitted from the remote.

    If things are still not working in your favor, a garage door repair may be needed to fix the receiver if it has any damage.

    Lock Button Active

    An engaged or active lock button can hinder your remote from adequately working.

    It doesn’t permit any command to enter, and a manual disengage is needed for a remote to function properly again.

    Most homeowners are regularly cleaning their garage, and if you’re one of them, there’s a high chance that you might have accidentally engaged the lock button.

    It’s somehow funny that a simple switch could cause all these problems, but luckily, everything can turn back to normal with just a simple press.

    Remote Programming Messed Up

    Garage door remotes operate differently, depending on the manufacturer.

    It is common knowledge that they can be reformatted or reprogrammed to their default state.

    While it may sound like a complicated task, most manufacturers include manuals on remote packaging, so it is a lot easier to follow how a reprogramming could be done.

    It is mainly done for the remote to become in-sync with the receiver once again.

    To know if the reprogramming is successful, you can try doing an open and close cycle.

    If you’re not that confident with your technical skills, you can call for a reliable backup in garage door renovation and repair specialists.

    Not only that, they know how remote works, but they are also quite knowledgeable on at least several manufactured models.

    Garage Door System Malfunction

    Sometimes, the problem might not be even on the remote, but on the door system itself.

    More specifically, you can look at the control wiring inside, or maybe even on the receiver board.

    Before you dive into more complicated tasks, you should try a power cycle.

    You can do this by unplugging and replugging the power on the socket.

    The wires can also be disconnected as a way to reset the system.

    Once done, you may take your remote control and see if everything works on your end.


    A garage door remote control isn’t necessarily neglected, but it can often produce challenges that are difficult to solve.

    With this comprehensive list, we hope that we have helped you point out what needs to be addressed and what problems need solving.

    If you’re someone who lives in Etobicoke, North York, Ajax or Toronto, a professional garage door fix specialist might be near your area.

    If you’re unsure of what to do with your remote, an expert is what you need.

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