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    Commercial and residential garage door repair differences in Mississauga

    garage door repair in Mississauga – There are two primary kinds of garage doors – the residential and commercial garage doors.

    The commercial type is for business or significant buildings, and residential is for homes.

    Both have certain characteristics and have a specific purpose in the way they are made.

    Commercial garage doors are more massive and often used than residential ones.

    They are pragmatic to use, especially if you have a big building.

    Commercial garage doors’ strength has excellent quality, are meant for construction, and are more durable than residential garage doors.

    While these two have their differences, it is essential to know what are them and why.

    Here are the unique characteristics of the residential and commercial garage door repair.

    Differences Between Commercial and Residential Garage Door Repair


    As stated above, commercial doors are for heavy use.

    They will undergo frequent closing and opening, different kinds of weather, and massive dimensions.

    Commercial garage doors have limited designs and materials because they are meant to be used with heavyweights.

    It has to be durable and robust enough to meet the specifications of a building.

    In general, commercial garage doors material are aluminum, glass panels, galvanized steel, and more.

    At the same time, you can select many designs on residential garage doors.

    You have a vast range of materials like fiberglass, aluminum, wood, composites, and steel.

    They are smaller than the commercial ones as well as their openings.

    A commercial building like warehouses is required to have huge openings.

    Since commercial doors are bigger than the residential garage doors, it has different hardware, machinery must be strong enough, and can withstand almost anything.

    Garage Door Openers

    The two have different garage doors. Thus the opening varies as well from one another.

    The other can be open upside down, while others can be a sliding door.


    Hardware is one of the main variations of the two.

    The commercial garage doors’ mechanism is robust, durable, and resilient enough to resist any object.

    Solid, strong hardware for commercial doors are a must.

    Many expect commercial doors to endure any weight and also the weather.

    If you use aluminum, for example, you need to give the thickness feature a note.

    Residential garage doors can have 2-inch thickness while on commercial doors are more than that.

    The spring also varies according to weight, how often the door will open, and size.

    Of course, commercial doors will have heavier springs to deliver efficient work when you need to open and close it.

    Lift Type

    The lift types of commercial doors are high-lift, fully vertical, and standard.

    On the other hand, the residential doors are headroom lift and standard.

    Width and Height

    Width and height are two common factors that affect the garage door repair.

    Commercial doors are massive compared to residential ones.

    The usual height of residential doors is seven feet up to 12 feet high.

    On the contrary, commercial garage doors have customized sizes depending on the building’s owner and space.

    They do not have standard sizes since it is massive and also requires heavy equipment.


    One factor that garage door technicians in Mississauga, Markham, Newmarket, when doing a garage door repair like in Toronto is the material.

    Homeowners can opt for steel, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and more for residential doors.

    Homeowners can always choose what they like depending on their taste and budget.

    Steel doors last long, while wood has a good appeal.

    On the other side, commercial ones use galvanized steel or aluminum because these materials are durable, last longer, and secure the place.

    Opening Capability

    During the day, commercial doors can open or close multiple times.

    It needs to operate efficiently and adequately, especially in significant buildings.

    But, residential garage doors are only meant to be opened a few times a day.

    One when someone went to work and went back home in the afternoon.

    It is why residential doors can use whatever the material they want because it can last long when only opened for a few times in a day.

    garage door repair in Mississauga – Final Thoughts

    When you repair a garage door, the type of garage door must be taken note.

    There are commercial and residential garage doors which have different materials, size, capability, and purpose.

    Determining the differences will help so much, especially when you encounter problems and look for a professional technician.

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