Garage Door Track Adjustment

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    Garage Door Track Adjustment

    Garage Door Track Adjustment

    The tracks are an extremely important part a garage door system.

    These tracks hold the rollers which lift and lower your garage doors.

    If there is any kind of problem with them and they are no longer aligned, the rollers will pop out and your garage doors will stop moving smoothly; they may even get jammed so you will not be able to open or close them.

    Why Do Garage Door Tracks Need Adjustment?

    Your garage door tracks are made up of two metal pieces that are fastened on either side of the door.

    In overhead doors, they lead from the floor to the ceiling, but in carriage-type garage doors, the tracks run parallel to the ceiling and floor.

    Whatever type of garage door you have, those tracks need to remain aligned at all times.

    However, there are times when these tracks become misaligned.

    This happens because of one of two reasons:

    • Accident: If your vehicle or some other heavy object hits the garage door, then it can cause the tracks to become misaligned.
      This type of damage is usually apparent, but in such cases, there could also be other damage caused to the doors, so you will need to call in professionals like us at Fixadoor to fix the problem for you.
    • Wear and Tear: Garage doors open and close thousands of times in a year, so there is bound to be wear and tear over a period of time.
      It could be that the screws holding the tracks in place could come loose, or the weight of those massively heavy overhead doors could pull the tracks out of alignment, and so on.

    Either way, if your tracks are not re-adjusted, there will be trouble.

    A garage door is important for the safety and security of your home or business.

    And when it doesn’t function properly, it leaves you vulnerable to robberies or break-ins.

    Furthermore, a faulty garage door can also leave your home vulnerable to the elements, reduce the value of your property, and – most importantly – be a physical danger to people.

    If a track is badly misaligned or damaged, the rollers could pop out of the tracks and, in worst case scenarios, the door could fall off completely.

    Signs of Misalignment

    If your garage door tracks are misaligned, then you will hear a kind of an unpleasant rubbing noise when the door opens or closes up to a particular point.

    And if you leave this problem unfixed, then that noise will grow louder and louder, and will start slowing down when it reaches the point where the door track is misaligned.

    Then, there will come a day when the door will just get completely jammed and not move at all.

    You may also notice a gap between the tracks and the rollers.

    And if this problem is allowed to persist, the rollers could come right off the tracks.

    It could even lead to the point where your garage door could fall of the tracks completely.

    Call Fixadoor

    We strongly advise you never to try and fix your garage door tracks on your own – unless you are someone who has a lot of experience in repairing such problems.

    Garage doors are extremely heavy, weighing hundreds of pounds, and if you make one mistake, then you could not only end up hurting yourself but also making the problem worse.

    We are a professional garage door repair company and each of our team members is certified and trained on how to repair any problem on any kind of garage door.

    We have the right kind of tools to carry out these repairs and we also follow the required safety procedures to ensure that the job is done without any mishaps.

    Fixadoor also prides itself in doing the job right the first time.

    When we carry out repairs for you, we ensure that you will not have to call us back a second time to fix that same problem.

    We also do a thorough job of checking your entire garage door system so that we can identify the root cause of the problem and also fix any underlying problems that could prevent your garage door from functioning optimally.

    So, if you need garage door track adjustments – or any other garage door repairs – call Fixadoor.

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