Etobicoke Garage Door Winter Maintenance Tips

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    Etobicoke Garage Door Winter Maintenance Tips

    The cold and frosty season of winter has come again.

    The chill of the winter season always brought joy and excitement to everyone, out and about in the snow.

    As we all know, the holiday season gets people out of their houses to go shopping for gifts for their friends and family.

    Now, imagine this: as you get home, your garage doors don’t open up.

    This is quite a hassle in the middle of the winter season.

    Thus, what’s the best thing to do?

    Call the nearest garage door repair?

    Most likely.

    However, before doing so, it’s best that homeowners like you would know how to avoid this type of situation during the winter.

    Having a good maintenance check for your garage door does not only help in keeping your garage door safe from damage throughout the heavy snow caused by winter but also enables you to become a responsible homeowner.

    Below are some helpful garage door maintenance tips for winter to avoid you from calling the next garage door repair service during the holiday season.

    1.)  Inspect your garage door’s hardware for noises.

    The garage door’s wear and tear cycle can be one of the few reasons why your garage door may show signs of poor performance every passing season.

    Simply look and listen at the garage door’s setting.

    If you spot any loose hinges or bolts, just tighten them back to their proper shape.

    Inspecting your garage door’s hardware can ensure you smooth functionality when it comes to opening and closing your garage door, not only for winter but as long as its average life span can go.

    However, when it comes to noticing misaligned tracks or broken springs, it’s better to call a professional maintenance specialist than handling it by yourself, since these parts of the garage door are risky to work on.

    2.)  Apply lubricant on your garage door’s hardware.

    Another easy step to maintain your garage door’s smooth performance throughout the winter is lubricating its hardware.

    The winter season’s temperature can get the garage door’s hardware to freeze and stop functioning.

    If you were able to notice the annoying screeching noises your garage door makes whenever you try to operate its open and close function, it means it requires a lubricant.

    3.)  Wash out the dirtied parts on your garage door.

    Improve your garage door’s appearance by having it washed before the winter season sets in.

    Wash and wipe away all the build-up dirt, grease, and grime that has been clogging on the corners of your garage and its parts.

    Cleaning the garage before the winter arrives avoids trapped dirt to mix with moisture caused by the freezing temperature to freeze and cause further damage to your garage door.

    Water and detergent are your best friends when it comes to cleaning the garage door.

    Diligently clean the surface and other parts of your garage door with no sweat.

    4.)  Apply insulation for your garage door.

    Keep your garage’s room temperature at a conditioned state by keeping your garage insulated and applying insulation foam inside your garage.

    Insulation keeps the temperature inside your garage balanced so you wouldn’t have to worry about creeping temperature levels in your garage, especially during the winter.

    During the winter, the insulation system keeps the heat inside your garage at a controlled setting to avoid you and your family from freezing off while the winter season continues.

    5.)  Test your garage door’s smoothness.

    After applying everything mentioned in this guide, the best and simple way to check on the maintenance of your garage door is testing its mechanical system.

    Testing your garage door is the quickest way to help you figure out whether your garage door requires a DIY repair or to seek professional help.

    Inspect your garage door’s rollers, tracks, and cables.

    If you were able to find and lose parts, it’s best to have them replaced immediately, even before the winter season sets in.

    When you seem to be having trouble on how to get the job done, it is advisable to hire a professional garage door repair company around the parts of Toronto, Etobicoke, Newmarket, Mississauga, and Markham.

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