Garage Door Won’t Close? Here’s Why

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    Garage Door Won’t Close – Your garage door has only two functions: to open and close.

    While it is standard and oftentimes overlooked, when either of the two is not performed correctly, it could jeopardize your security.

    It is no secret that your garage door has a vital role in keeping your house and property secure.

    In terms of your car or vehicle and other essential things stored in the garage, you trust in your door to keep it safe and sound.

    That is why it can be a real pain when these garage doors don’t close.

    It is time-consuming and frustrating at the same time.

    There are a lot of issues that these things face but, when it becomes stubborn and rejects its function, it is the one that takes a lot of toll on us.

    Your visit here means you are going through the same dilemma.

    In times of difficulty, you look for answers to find out what’s wrong so you can take action.

    For your garage door repairs, you have come to the right place.

    Your garage door won’t close? Here’s why:

    1. The batteries of the transmitter no longer work.

    Battery-operated machines have one essential rule: when the batteries are dead, the machine is dead too.

    It goes for your garage door’s transmitter as well.

    Examine whether it can still open your door whenever you press it.

    When it does, there is a chance that the transmitter in your car is the one whose batteries are in need of replacement.

    Make a habit of replacing your batteries every once in a while since they don’t last for a long time.

    To change the batteries, simply slide the entrance of the transmitter at the back.

    If it is screwed in, use the necessary tools to break it open.

    2. The photo-eye is misaligned

    There is a photo-eye that is installed in your garage door opener to prevent it from closing whenever an object or a person is below it.

    It transmits an unseen beam that automatically detects if something is in the path before it closes.

    This is a safety precaution feature that is common to all doors.

    If the photo-eye is misaligned, it is likely that it detects objects nearby away from the usual path of the door and is preventing it from closing.

    You should check whether the photo-eye is working properly or any dirt is on its way.

    Dust and soot may have been attached to it, which results in the malfunction of the machinery.

    To check whether it is misaligned, examine each photo-eye’s height from the ground level.

    Make sure that they are directly pointing at each other on the same angle.

    3. An object is blocking the door.

    There are times that we do not notice things being on the way of the garage.

    As a safety precaution, the door prevented itself from closing so as not to hit anything in its path.

    Check the floor if any small objects or debris are blocking the door.

    4. Improper alignment of the track.

    Check the door track if it is aligned properly.

    If not, it needs to be repaired.

    Your door has a metal track that it runs on and it needs to be in proper alignment for the door to open or close.

    Check if there are any gaps in the rollers and the rails or any bends.

    Since the door is heavy, it can make the issue worse and the operation even more dangerous.

    5. There is something wrong with the door’s limit settings.

    Brand new garage doors that are newly-installed as well as old ones in need of resetting frequently close all the way down only to go back up once again immediately.

    When this occurs, there is a considerable chance that it is due to the open and close limit settings of the garage door’s opener.

    Check the manual of your garage door to find out how to adjust the settings on your own.

    However, If it is still not working or you do not know how to adjust it by yourself, call a nearby technician and ask for professional help regarding the matter.

    If you are at Mississauga, Markham, Newmarket, or Toronto, it is always better for professionals to handle your garage door repair if you are not sure about working on it yourself.

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    Steve Wilson

    Steve Wilson

    Working and managing in the garage door industry, I've had my share of repairs and installations. But after recurring questions from clients over the years I decided to share all that I can about garage door services to help anyone find the best service for their needs. I will share what I learned with you here.

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