Top 3 Garage Door Failures And How To Fix Them

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    Top 3 Garage Door Failures And How To Fix Them

    Garage door issues are not that hot of a topic, unlike any other house breakdowns.

    Its functionality can be hardly noticed, so when problems arise, owens would be alarmed.

    Some technical difficulties are not that serious, which would not demand any specialists since do-it-yourself is applicable.

    However, some issues are considered harmful and complicated.

    This is the time when assistance from a skilled technician is required to ensure safety and guaranteed repairs.

    Before identifying what are these common malfunctions, fundamental parts of a garage door must be presented first for familiarity.

    The working parts and components are classified into three categories: the door, hardware components, and weather-stripping.

    Disturbing unusual noises when operating

    This problem is determined as one of the most common issues that various households face.

    Compared to other matters identified, this is the least dangerous, yet it is the most annoying.

    If ever unusual noises are heard (e.g., grinding and squeaky sounds), there might be some lubrication issues or loose parts.

    Some reasons might also include shabby components and antiquity.

    The garage door has multiple functioning parts moving spontaneously for its operation.

    Thus, experiencing this is normal and likely to happen, but still, owners should be worried.

    Human instincts considered, you are most likely to try to fix it yourself by cleaning and lubricating parts determined to be the cause of it.

    Sure, it can alleviate the problem, but for assurance, it is best to call a specialist for an inspection and repair.

    The issue might be beyond do-it-yourself fixing and might require replacement or additional parts for the damaged ones.

    With professional help, unlikely circumstances and risks will be avoided, promoting a smooth and unharmful transaction.

    Remote is not working.

    The garage door remote is necessary for its operation.

    It would be frustrating to have it broken.

    Broken remotes are the typical mechanical issue; it is not that big of a deal, and it can be done by yourself.

    Before jumping to other conclusions, make sure first to check the batteries.

    Turn on the switch inside, and if it works, then the batteries are already drained or not inserted correctly.

    Meanwhile, if changing the batteries did not solve the issue, the remote might need resyncing with the opener or replacement.

    To reprogram it, refer to the manual for instructions.

    The door immediately closes and opens.

    This garage door issue is the most alarming since it can be harmful, especially to children.

    The problem with this might be the door’s photo-eye alignment.

    Photo-eye is a part represented by small plastic devices found on both sides of the door to ensure safety.

    So, if the garage door immediately closes and opens, the case might concern the photo-eyes, which is why it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

    You can call for a technician that specializes in this kind of repair.

    However, owners may also try to fix it by yourself, although it is not highly recommended.

    Check the photo-eyes’ functionality and alignment by searching for a flashing green light.

    Examine if any obstructions are blocking it like tiny debris or lump of dirt.

    If the photo-eyes are misaligned, further assistance is necessary.

    In contrast, if its alignment is assured, the next step would be the measurement of both photo-eyes.

    First, from the ground to one of the photo-eyes’ centers.

    Second, from the wall to the center of it.

    It will be fixed after adjusting both photo-eyes according to the conducted measurements and ensuring that both are aligned.

    Furthermore, another factor might be the cause of this failure.

    The issue above applies to doors entirely opening before automatically reversing.

    On the other hand, if the door opens partially, the factor might concern the spring located at the top of the door.

    Usually, a simple spring replacement can solve the problem, but it should not be undermined, for it carries an unbelievable amount of tension.

    It would be better to contact a specialist for the spring examination and possible replacement.

    This option is best to avoid life-threatening tendencies.

    If any of these problems happen, there are garage door repair services to help people from Mississauga, Markham, Newmarket, and Toronto.

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