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    Garage owners need an automatic opener for their garage.

    This device offers insurmountable convenience and security.

    People often think about overhead garage door openers when they hear the word openers.

    While these openers are popular, there’s another reliable type of garage door opener.

    Wall mount or jackshaft openers offer unique features that belt- and chain-driven openers don’t possess.

    We’ll discuss these features in more detail later.

    For the best wall-mount garage door opener in Canada, call Fixadoor Garage Doors.

    We are the most reliable garage door opener installers in the country.

    We’ve been working with millions of garage owners who can attest to the quality of our service.

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    What is a Wall Mount Garage Door Opener?

    Overhead openers are located on the ceiling in the middle of the garage door.

    They operate through a belt or chain which drives the trolley to lift and lower the garage door.

    On the contrary, a wall mount opener is mounted on the wall on either side of the door.

    It is the preferred garage door opener in garages with irregular ceilings.

    This opener works by connecting to the torsion bar, which operates the garage door.

    Why Choose A Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

    A wall-mounted garage door opener offers many benefits.

    We’ve listed them below for you.

    More Overhead Storage

    Installing a wall-mount opener is an excellent space-saving solution.

    Since it is mounted on the side of the door, you can use the ceiling space for storage.

    You can add overhead cabinets, hang bicycles, and store things you don’t usually use.

    You can also install a light fixture to illuminate your garage.

    No Rail Maintenance Needed

    The rails on overhead garage door openers can be unsightly and inconvenient.

    They take up ceiling space and require regular maintenance.

    Moreover, applying lubricant on the rails can get messy since it can drip on your car or the garage floor.

    Easy to Maintain

    As mentioned, a jackshaft opener does not require central rail maintenance.

    Apart from this, this opener is easy to maintain since it is located on the side of the door.

    In other words, a wall-mounted opener is easier to reach and clean compared to overhead openers.

    This opener also doesn’t have cables or chains that wear out over time so that it won’t require frequent repairs.

    Furthermore, jackshaft openers have few movable components.

    Hence, you wouldn’t have to lubricate and clean such parts.

    Safe and Secure

    Wall-mount openers are safer compared to overhead openers.

    Openers located in the ceiling can cause accidents and property damage when they collapse.

    In contrast, wall-mount openers don’t pose the risk of injuring someone or damaging your vehicle.

    Besides eliminating safety concerns, jackshaft openers also remove security issues.

    Modern operators employ advanced technology like rolling codes.

    In this technology, the opener regularly generates a new passcode so that only authorized people can access your garage.

    Flexible Installation

    Many garages have elaborate ceiling designs – they can be ultra-high, sloped, or arched.

    Overhead garage openers do not work well in these settings.

    Fortunately, wall-mount openers are versatile.

    You can install an opener regardless of the height of your ceiling.

    You can also place the wall-mount opener on either side of the door, whichever you prefer.

    Furthermore, this type of opener doesn’t require headroom.

    Quiet Operation

    Wall-mount garage door openers are extremely quiet.

    You won’t notice that your jackshaft opener is operating because it doesn’t give off any noise.

    You can pair it with an insulated garage door for a more peaceful night of rest.

    This type of opener is ideal if your garage is connected to your house and has a room above it.

    Professional Garage Door Opener Installation

    High-quality jackshaft garage door openers will make your life more convenient, safe, and secure.

    However, this durability should be paired with correct installation.

    Improperly installed garage door openers may not work seamlessly.

    Instead of enjoying comfort and convenience, you could end up becoming frustrated.

    If you live in Canada, Fixadoor Garage Doors is at your service.

    We have been installing all types of garage door openers for many years now.

    Our licensed and highly skilled technicians guarantee to install your automatic opener correctly.

    Call our local number now to set your appointment with us.

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