DIY Garage Door Repair – Is It Safe?

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    DIY Garage Door Repair – Is It Safe?

    DIY Garage Door Repair

    DIY Garage Door Repair – One could be moments away from an unfortunate event and still think that their initial course of action is the most sensible thing they have done in years.

    Such is the case for many do-it-your own repairs; anything is achievable until it is no longer.

    While the internet provides many trustworthy sources that enjoy mostly positive reviews, accidents may happen when you least expect it to be worse with a hefty price.

    Garage doors for this matter are no exception. On average, at 130 pounds, these heavy-duty doors can inflict damage (if things were ever to go awry) considerable enough to knock the life out of anyone.

    Not only are they made to withstand the impact of other heavy foreign objects–should any ram themselves unwittingly–but are also augmented to relieve homeowners of the additional slack of opening the doors manually.

    Moreover, automatic garage doors are more complicated than your average ones, meaning that a measly look over wouldn’t be enough as a diagnosis.

    If you are in dire need of a garage door repair, the best thing to do is acquire a professional’s help.

    With the industry dedicated to garage door repair being robust and aplenty, finding one that best suits your needs wouldn’t be a hurdle.

    Even when the problem, at first glance, could be manageable with a few tweaks and turns, no one can say for sure, of a situation’s severity unless thoroughly inspected.

    Hence, you must consider a few things before you ultimately decide for yourself that fixing your faulty garage door is of no consequence.

    Misdiagnosis of a problem

    The system for which ensures that your garage door performance is up and running, can be quite the puzzle, say, someone were to attempt to figure it out; should there be a failure in its operations.

    Made of several complicated parts, a garage door system can prove difficult to diagnose– especially when the doors are inoperative and everything seemingly in good condition.

    In a haste to fix the problem right away, a person might commit a misdiagnosis.

    A faulty deduction might pose another problem, as money and effort are both wasted in the process.

    Moreover, your problem remains unsolved.

    To save yourself from ever facing such a dispiriting ordeal, an expert at garage door repairs will suffice.

    Reckless fumbling of torsion springs can be dangerous

    When a garage door malfunctions, homeowners are quick to inspect first the torsion springs, which, contrary to popular belief, are the ones that do most of the heavy lifting.

    If a spring is fully wound, it will only be a matter of time before a door collapses.

    The impact of the sudden drop as the spring unloads a considerable amount of force, should they become loose while repairing–worse, it malfunctions somewhere in between– would be most fatal even to the point of death.

    Therefore, it would be best for homeowners to avoid such a tragic scenario to acquire the aid of experts.

    DIY Garage Door Repair – You aren’t knowledgeable enough

    Suppose one vital part of your garage door isn’t working.

    As the busy salaryman that you are, ordering a similar piece as that of the one currently non-functioning would be the easiest route to go if you want things to be about and running as soon as possible.

    One thing you’ve forgotten, however, is that while similar-looking, there may be a difference to these parts, albeit subtle.

    The misuse of components can be as equally dangerous as not fixing the problem at hand.

    Hence, the hired help of professionals who have mastered the art of garage door repair would be the best way to go.

    More damage generated from a failing garage door

    One must consider thoroughly that in the likely event that things go awry in your attempt to fix your faulty garage door, a lot of things are at stake.

    Not only will you jeopardize your other prized properties, but also the life of the people who happen to be unlucky enough to be at the exact place at the most precise and unfortunate time.

    If a garage door crashes in the middle of your tinkering, those who happen to be underneath it would not be able to cushion its bulky weight.

    Hence, the addition of more pressing damages.

    Professionals who specialize in repairing garage doors would no sooner find ways to resolve any of your problems than you attempting to get things done.

    Rest assured, residents of Mississauga, Toronto, Newmarket or Toronto.

    Garage door repair services are abundant in the aforementioned areas.

    Should anyone seek professional assistance in handling faulty garage doors, companies that offer such services are but a call away.

    Garage Door Repairs tips, recommendations and frequently asked questions

    Why does my garage door opener light bulb keep dying?

    First, check for any shaking of the garage door during operation. Usually, excessive vibration can cause the filament in your opener's bulb to prematurely expire.

    One garage spring broke. I have 2, should I replace both?

    Garage door springs should ALWAYS be replaced as a set. The reason is once one spring breaks, the other one is probably not far behind, especially considering how springs weaken over time. Combining a new spring with an older one will likely cause an imbalance in your garage door's operation. If you own 2 separate garage doors and only one spring has broken, it's strongly recommended to replace the springs on each door if their springs are around the same age. Depending on your door's position, when a spring breaks it can cause serious injury as well as damage your opener.

    Does my garage door require maintenance?

    Yes. How often you will require garage door maintenance all depends on how much the door is being used. Generally, we perform the following to ensure your garage door is working properly and tuned up: We do a visual inspection of all the moving parts. We ensure the tracks; rollers and hinges are clean and lubricated properly. We make sure all nuts and bolts are tight and clean. We manually run the operator and door through a cycle to make sure it is running quietly and smoothly. Also, We check the door balance at various opening heights. If the garage door passes all these test, congratulations, you do not need a tune-up.

    Can I use the old tracks for a new garage door?

    Using old garage door tracks with a new garage door is quite dangerous. Surprisingly or not, many home and business owners try to reduce costs on a new garage door installation by reusing their old garage door track with new panels. While this might reduce the cost, the new door can get damaged faster than normal and derail.

    How hard is it really to replace a garage door?

    Installing a garage door isn't as simple as installing a regular door. More so, installing it incorrectly can be dangerous. You should call a professional garage door technician.

    How long does it take to change a garage door?

    if done properly, roughly 3 to 4 hours.

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