Garage Door Brands in Canada

Garage Door Brands in Canada

Garage Door Brands in Canada

Many garage doors of people right now have been operating for a while.

Some of these garage doors can date back to the 1920s, being inherited and passed down by generations of families.

Some can also date back to about one decade ago and evidently show some defects in the internal systems of these garage doors.

Garage door repair is essential when these cases occur.

This will ultimately alleviate problems such as the potential risk of hurting people within the household and the annoying sounds that a broken garage door may create.

When calling a local garage door repair company, it is vital that one must know many garage door brands.

This is so that one can know the different variations in garage door operations.

Moreover, one would be able to find the right garage door brand for them that will suit his/her garage.

Sometimes, when one avails of a specific garage door brand, the garage door that this brand provides is not compatible with a consumer’s garage.

The new garage door may be too wide for the garage’s width.

It might be too tall for the garage’s height.

The dimensions of the garage door may not be exact.

They do not close properly or even work correctly.

A lot can go wrong when people do not sort out their options of garage door brands.

This article will be showcasing some of the best and efficient garage door brands in Canada.

Below is a list of these Canadian garage door brands.

Creative Door

Creative Door is a prominent Canadian garage door brand that provides its customers with high-quality garage doors and openers.

They offer many kinds of garage doors that can fit into almost any aesthetic that is evident in a house.

Creative Door offers modern glass doors, wood garage doors, elite doors, premium steel doors, classic steel doors, carriage house doors, designer fiberglass garage doors, landmark series doors, and specialty vinyl doors.

The vast selection of garage doors that Creative Door extends gives its customers a broad array of choices to choose from.

The enormous collection of Creative Door garage doors allows its customers to choose a garage door that fits the visual aesthetic of the facades of their homes.


Garaga is considered to be one of the oldest garage door brands in Canada.

This family-run business has been in the garage door repair business for over 30 years now and has only been growing ever since.

This Canadian garage door brand repair company has manufactured countless garage doors of excellent quality and also has an extensive lineup of beautifully crafted garage doors.

As of this year 2020, Garaga has fitted almost four million garage doors all over Canada since its initial launch date of 1983.

The company has also been associated with many institutions dedicated to garage doors such as Canadian Door Institute (CDI), International Door Association (IDA), and Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association, International (DASMA).


Richards-Wilcox is one of the most famous Canadian garage door brands.

This garage door brand has been in the business of installing garage door brands to various homes for more than a century now.

The Canadian brand’s age in the market has made it into a veteran in the industry and is still being contacted by the people of today.

There are two types of garage doors that Richards-Wilcox provides: residential and commercial.

Residential garage doors are installed in personal homes and family households, giving off the aesthetic of a home.

Commercial garage doors, on the other hand, are garage doors that are built for businesses and corporations with big factories and headquarters.

There are many distinct features that Richards-Wilcox provides in its garage doors.

It has incorporated Neufoam into its garage doors to increase the stability and life of these garage doors.

The garage door brand has also installed a unique lock system into the electrical operation systems of its garage doors.

This lock system is called the WeatherLock System.

Another feature that this garage door brand has assimilated into their products is the TruBalance Drum System.

This feature gives the company’s garage doors a top section that is heavy-weighted.

This allows the garage doors to have more equilibrium when operating.

The company also integrated the feature Commercial-Grade Hardware into its garage doors.

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