Etobicoke Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Door Rollers, Hinges & Sensors repair

Garage Door Maintenance Checklist – Similar to other household items, garage doors require regular upkeep to ensure a longer lifespan.

As a responsible homeowner, maintaining your garage door’s welfare will strengthen its quality and lengthen its existence.

Here are eight ways to maintain the quality of garage doors.

In this checklist, the methods will be provided and expounded for your aid.

Be observant. Do a regular inspection.

This tip would not be hard because garage doors are used most of the time.

Owners just need to be more observant in using it.

Listen more and look at its parts often to see if there are any discrepancies or hear if there are any unusual noises.

Regularly inspect its whole functionality to determine if all are working well.

Lubricate your garage door.

Since garage doors are usually used, it is most likely that the parts will be worn out.

Thus, lubrication is demanded to keep it functioning.

Components must be lubricated every six months or so as recommended.

Apply a minimal amount of lubricant on the parts, especially on the rollers, tracks, and hinges; these parts are the ones that demand regular lubrication.

It is suggested to use non-silicone-based lubricant or lithium grease for the main elements, then a spray lubricant to coat the springs.

Doing this will keep the parts from rusting.

Keeping it greased up will lead to seamless system operation and will make your door last longer.

Clean it regularly.

Regular cleaning is a primary task that homeowners should practice.

By doing this, the garage door will not just function well, but will look presentable and appealing.

Take time to remove dirt and debris from it.

Check the weather-stripping.

Weather-stripping is a necessary task to keep your garage sealed from external factors.

Check the weather seal strip located on the bottom part of your door.

If it is brittle or cracked or looking worn, replacement would be necessary.

Replace it immediately to avoid outside elements from entering the house.

After buying weather-stripping, cut and insert these into the indentations with a broad angle of the flange inside the door.

Test door balance.

The door balance test examines the garage door’s equilibrium to look for other areas that might start to fail.

Sometimes, there are already failing parts but can be hardly noticed, so conducting this test will exhibit the problem itself.

To do this, close the garage door manually and confirm that it is done smoothly with little resistance.

Then, disconnect it from the opener by pulling the red release cord.

Try manually opening it again halfway and let go of it.

If it rises immediately or slams to the ground, it is out of balance and needs further inspection by skilled technicians.

Check the springs.

Springs are the metal coils that do the heavy lifting of the door.

If manually, it allows the door to be light enough to be opened easily.

Springs are dangerous, so it is not advisable for homeowners to do it by themselves if any unlikely tendencies occurred.

When they break, you will notice because the door will not function.

If this happens, try to avoid do-it-yourself fixing, and contact a professional immediately to have it replaced.

This choice would ensure safety and convenience.

However, for maintenance, check both springs and look for any signs of fragility, rust, or wear.

Try to lube it up if there are not any unusual occurrences.

Test the force setting.

The force setting’s job is to recognize any hindrances that block the garage door from functioning.

To do this test, place a board on the ground right at the center of the door.

If the door does not have any issues, it should slightly strain with no dents upon touching the board.

Check the cables.

Ensure that the cables are not fraying or kinking because this leads to damage.

Cables help the strings in lifting the door.

The same as the strings, cables are dangerous, so do not undermine it.

However, you can check its condition to know if something is wrong.

Look for broken strands near the bottom roller bracket.

Maintaining the garage door’s welfare must be practiced by homeowners.

If there are any unusual occurrences, contact garage door repair specialists for inspection and repairs.

It is widely offered in Etobicoke, Newmarket, Toronto, Mississauga, and Markham.

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