Garage Door Opener Motor Not Working

Garage Door Opener Motor Not Working

Picture this: After a grueling day at the office, you hop in your car heading home, and then bam! The garage door refuses to open!

Nothing could be more stressful than an annoying garage door opener motor not working, right?

As homeowners, we need to be responsible by always paying attention to what is slowing our garage doors down.

We all know that garage doors are the household’s big shield.

These garage doors protect the home vehicle from harsh weather conditions and the storage from getting stolen.

Investing in garage door openers is truly an excellent choice for every family, as the device functions at a heavy-duty rate and lasts for years.

However, it’s not all the time that your garage door opener is going to function properly.

Before contacting the local garage door motor repair near you, here are some tips to catch on how you can identify a defective garage door.

1. Inspect Your Garage Door

First things first, checking the garage door and making sure that it’s fully functioning.

Apply silicone-based lubricant or spray the sides of the door, as well as its hinges, for smoother movement.

Check the chains and the tightness of the garage door’s screws for built-up rust.

Above the garage door is a huge mechanism responsible for creating the door’s opening and closing motion, which are the tracks.

These tracks tend to misalign due to overuse of the garage door’s system.

Afterward, check to see if your garage door can now fully open or close itself.

Moreover, checking the garage door springs also helps observe whether the garage door functions correctly.

A broken spring could be the leading cause of damaged garage door motors.

2. Check The Power Supply

One of the essential things we must do before calling the nearest garage door repair is to check the power supply or the door’s remote controller.

Most garage doors sold and bought by families these days are automatically packaged with remote-controls and have a power connection to the household’s power supply.

In the case of a garage door opener motor not working, then it’s also a good idea to inspect the power supply to see if the outlet is firmly connected.

To be sure, we must wait for a good fifteen minutes before opening the garage door again.

This method allows the garage door motor to cool off its juices.

An overheating motor can cause more disruption to the power supply and garage door, so make sure that before turning the garage door motor back on, the engine is at its normal state.

Furthermore, check the garage door system if the “lock” feature has not turned on before operating the garage door again.

3. Troubleshoot Remote Control Complications

Another simple mistake is forgetting to check the remote control’s batteries.

By replacing the old batteries of the remote control, we can be assured that the main problem doesn’t have to make us call a professional.

However, if the remote control still doesn’t work the way it should after plugging in a new set of batteries, you may need to try buying a new remote unit.

In such a case, the garage door’s old remote control must’ve deprogrammed, which may have caused complications in which the signal connectivity from the remote to the system does not read.

4. Inspect The Positioning Of Sensor

Like the case above, one of the reasons why the remote or signal connectivity for most automatic doors tends to malfunction is due to the poor sensor range.

Garage door sensors tend to shift away from their original position after having consistent use of the garage door to open and close.

Inspect the garage door sensor to see if dust particles have been blocking the lenses of the sensor.

Stored up dirt around the sensor’s surroundings tend to cause the poor connection from the remote to the unit of the garage door motor.

Grab a clean cloth and time to get some cleaning done.

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