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Did you know that if your garage door is in excellent condition, it can increase the value of your property by as much as 4%?

And if you live in Vaughan in the Greater Toronto Area, you know that keeping up the value of your property is important, since it is one of the most converted areas for prime real estate.

So, how do you ensure that the value of your property is not impacted by your garage door?

By ensuring that it is properly maintained and that you call in the professionals in case you need garage door repair work done.

Maintenance You Can Do on Your Own

It is not necessary to call in professionals in garage door repair in Vaughan all the time.

There are some things that you can take care of on your own.


We usually take our garage doors for granted and seldom pay attention to their performance until something goes wrong.

However, one way to ensure that your garage doors get the attention they need is by simply observing.

Do they still function as smoothly and noiselessly as they did when you had them installed? Or are they making grinding or scarping noises or even jerking when you use them?

Lubricate Moving Parts

This is a proper maintenance step.

All you need to do is lubricate your garage door’s moving parts once a year.

And that will take you all of 10 minutes! You can get the lubricant from your local garage door specialist.

You need to ask for lithium grease for the screw or chain of the opener, and a spray lubricant for the overhead springs.

Test Auto-Reverse Safety Features

This is a very simple test that you can do by yourself – as long as your garage is in good working condition.

There are two safety features that you need to check – the mechanical and the photocell.

To test the mechanical safety feature, place an object in the path of the garage door.

The garage door should automatically reverse when it touches the object in its path.

To test the photocell system, close the door and place your leg in front of the photoelectric beams path.

Once again, the door should automatically reverse.


Another thing you can do on your own is grooming your garage door.

You can check for and clean the tracks of any debris and you can use a level to check the plumb.

Furthermore, you should check the door itself for wear and tear and wash it regularly to keep it beautiful.

And don’t forget to change the opener remote’s batteries regularly!

When Should You Call in Professionals?

If you face any other problems with your garage door, then it is best to call in professionals who carry out garage door repair in Vaughan.

Garage doors are heavy, and trying to do the repairs yourself is very dangerous.

So, with the exception of basic maintenance, it is best to call in an expert whose job it is to take care of such repairs.

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