Garage Door Safety Sensors Explained

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Understanding Garage Door Safety Sensors – Modern automatic garage door models are truly remarkable.

Despite the whole process looking like magic, the equipment still requires a mechanism that would ensure that everyone is safe in a garage door’s premises.

In the 1990s, the popularity of automatic garage doors exploded, making the federal government involved.

Etobicoke homeowners are then required to have safety sensors that are very crucial for reducing garage door related accidents and injuries.

This article aims to have an in-depth explanation of the subject at hand, garage door security sensors.

Garage Door Security Sensors: What are They?

A lot of Ajax homeowners are already experiencing the excellent features that a safety sensor could bring.

If you’re planning to have one installed, it is much better to trust the professionals to avoid complications and even accidents.

Garage door security sensors are famously known for using a photo eye system.

The safety sensors use infrared technology and are mainly composed of two separate devices on either garage door.

A garage door security sensor aims to detect whether a person or an item is on the door’s way.

Both infrared sensors are communicating with each other differently.

To conclude whether or not someone or something is blocking the way, an infrared beam will travel, and if it isn’t interrupted and passed automatically, the system will allow the door to close.

Determining if there is a Problem

Because of their sensitivity, safety sensors are vulnerable to damages, which leads to problematic scenarios that may even cause accidents.

One of the most apparent diagnoses that Ajax homeowners may encounter is a confused sensor.

Because it links to the central control mechanism, having this problem is super problematic and is not immediately found.

Luckily though, almost anyone can spot a confused sensor.

To put it simply, you can identify if a sensor is complicated if its results are hit or miss.

Even if there aren’t any obstacles on the way, an automatic door may refuse to close altogether.

Instead, it will retract to open once again. A closing door may also close even if there is an obstacle present.

It is currently the worst result that a malfunctioning safety sensor can have.

If you’re starting to doubt your equipment, the best way is to conduct a test right away.

To not complicate things, grab an item that you will use as a subject, preferably something like a cardboard box or a plastic container.

Make sure that you’re ready to lose the thing that you have selected.

To keep things accurate, make sure that the item can be viewed by the sensors precisely to avoid misdiagnosis.

If you’re ready, close the door using a remote control or a physical button located inside the garage.

If the item faces destruction despite being recognized as an obstacle, the sensor can be qualified as defective.

Can Safety Sensors be Repaired?

Suppose you’re a resident of Ontario, a very high chance that a repairer can immediately address this problem. However, depending on the damage, the repair cost can scale.

  • Alignment Issues. We have already talked about these sensors’ sensitivity, and alignment seems to play another hindrance when done wrong. You can quickly fix a malfunctioning sensor if it isn’t aligned correctly with one another, and it wouldn’t require professional service as well.
  • Lens Dirt. Unclean lenses may also impose other problems. To avoid errors and complications, you can start having a habit of cleaning the lenses now and then. The dirt may be small but do not underestimate it as even a simple smudge can interfere with both sensors’ operation.
  • Broken Mechanism. Parts inside the sensors are complicated as well, and for them to be in an excellent condition once again, it requires another set of diagnoses from a professional garage door maintenance specialist.


Safety sensors are the catalyst for garage door security.

Their failure would mean many homeowners as it could result in accidents and property damage if left unnoticed.

If you’re getting a garage door repaired by any chance, you can also let the professionals check your sensors if you suspect them of having issues.

Despite being a complicated device, diagnosis is straightforward, and it can be easily fixed by a trained professional.

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