Garage Door Summer Maintenance Tips

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**Summer Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door**

Hot weather can take a toll on your **garage door**. Regular checks prevent costly repairs. Wipe the **tracks** to keep things running smoothly. Lubricate hinges and rollers with a bit of oil, like greasing a squeaky bike chain. Tighten any loose bolts; it’s like giving your door a good once-over. Listen for strange sounds; they might mean trouble. Clean away debris from sensors for smooth operation, just like brushing crumbs off a table. Keep your door in top shape and enjoy peace of mind.

The warm and sunny season of summer has come again.

The summer’s heat has always made us feel sluggish.

What better way to beat the heat by trying to get some chores done, such as cleaning the garage door?

The garage door is exposed most of the time, being the thing that contains the garage’s contents inside.

It can withstand the change of the seasons with its average life span of 15 to 20 years, doing its purpose of securing our storage and vehicle from the outside.

However, as the summer season continues to rage with furious heat, it’s always best to keep our garage doors in check.

Having a good maintenance check for your garage door does not only help in keeping your garage door safe from damage throughout the summer’s heat but also enables you to become a responsible homeowner.

Below are some helpful garage door maintenance tips for summer to avoid you from calling the next garage door repair service during the summer season.

1.)  Inspect your garage door’s hardware.

Inspect your garage door’s surface and tools for any loose cables, malfunctioning systems, and broken springs.

The garage door’s wear and tear cycle can be one of the few reasons why your garage door may show signs of poor performance every passing season.

Simply look at the garage door’s setting.

If any loose hinges or bolts are spotted, just tighten them back to its proper shape.

However, when it comes to noticing misaligned tracks or broken springs, it’s better to call professionals than handling it by yourself, since these parts of the garage door are risky to work on.

Inspecting your garage door’s hardware can ensure you smooth functionality when it comes to opening and closing your garage door not only through the summer but as long as its average life span can go.

2.)  Apply lubricant on your garage door’s hardware.

Another easy step to maintain your garage door’s smooth performance throughout the summer is lubricating its hardware.

If you were able to notice the annoying screeching noises your garage door makes whenever you try to operate its open and close function, it means it requires a lubricant.

Don’t use grease, though.

Use the proper 3-in-1 lubricant fluid to get your garage door back to its smooth mechanisms.

3.)  Wash your garage door.

Nothing beats the summer heat by getting a wash done and that’s by washing your garage door squeaky clean.

Improve your garage door’s appearance by having it washed during the summer season.

Wash away all the build-up dirt, grease, and grime that has been clogging on the corners of your garage

Water and detergent are your best friends when it comes to cleaning the garage door, and diligently clean the surface of your garage door with no sweat.

4.)  Give your garage door a fresh new look.

After washing your garage door, you might want to give it a fresh new look by applying paint.

You may choose to have another new paint color for your garage door or just have it repainted with the same color.

Always make sure to choose good quality paint from the hardware, especially weather-proof paint to ensure the sturdiness of your garage door.

5.)  Apply insulation for your garage door.

Applying insulation foam isn’t only suitable for the long, cold, and harsh winter seasons, but also the hot and humid summer days.

Keep your garage’s room temperature at a conditioned state by keeping your garage insulated.

Insulation can also help in keeping the heat out of the garage.

The heat can occupy the living spaces found directly above the garage.

If left unattended for an extended period of time, the heat could destroy multiple surfaces and objects stored inside the garage.

6.)  Test your garage door’s smoothness.

After applying everything mentioned in this guide, the best and simple way to check on the maintenance of your garage door is testing its system.

Testing your garage door is the quickest way to help you figure out whether your garage door is in need of a DIY repair or to seek professional help.

This test can be done any time within the year and not just for summer seasons.

Through testing, you can observe whether or not your garage door has been making noises or has started to get a little loose.

Moreover, for proper maintenance services, it’s best to hire a local garage door repair around the areas of Toronto, Newmarket, Mississauga and Markham.

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