Garage Door Tune-Up and Maintenance

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    Garage Door Tune-Up and Maintenance

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    Garage Door Tune-Up and Maintenance

    If there is something the pandemic has taught many people, it is that inactivity does not necessarily mean there are no consequences.

    Such is the case for garage doors that have been neglected by many owners.

    People thought that the inactivity will mean that garage doors will not have any problems.

    That caused many people to neglect the maintenance of their garage doors and are now scrambling to rectify their mistakes.

    Tuning up garage doors is imperative to prevent more problems and solve said problems.

    Here are some ways to tune-up your overhead doors.

    Basic Tune-ups of Garage Doors


    We always say this in every article and it is true.

    Basic maintenance starts with being observant.

    Keep an eye on how the garage door normally operates and it will be easy to diagnose if there is something wrong with the garage door.

    Tightening bolts and screws

    Overhead doors function the same way without flexibility.

    That does not mean that it will not face any challenges with its bolts, screws, and nuts.

    The door’s movements will cause these from turning slowly until such time that they become loose.

    Make it a habit to check for loose bolts, screws, and nuts and tighten it for better garage door support.

    Cleaning Garage Door

    The garage door should always be clean.

    Every crevice needs to be cleaned from time to time.

    Debris or dirt build-up can become blockage that in turn can cause springs to snap, cables to break, pulleys to stop working.

    Cleaning the areas surrounding the garage door also keeps the sensors from detecting false positives.

    You get the gist, keeping the garage door clean will keep it in shape.


    There are a lot of things you need to lubricate on garage doors.

    There’s the motor, the rollers, the spring, the axels, the chains, and pulleys.

    You need to lubricate these parts to make it run smoothly.

    That also prevents the door from emitting noise.

    For lubrication, use a lithium-base lubricant so that it does not strip off the grease.

    Replace Transmitter and Remote Control Batteries

    Transmitters and remote controls need to have their batteries replaced.

    Replacing the batteries of the transmitters and remote controls keep it from deteriorating.

    One of the root causes of the deterioration is battery drainage.

    By replacing the batteries, it will be easier to diagnose if there is something wrong with your transmitter or remote control.

    Check the Door Balance

    You will know if there is something wrong with the springs when you check the door balance.

    When you meet resistance or the garage door feels heavier, then that means that the springs are in need of replacing.

    Checking the door’s balance will also indicate if there is something wrong with your rollers.

    Improve Garage Door Opener Range

    People wait until their garage door starts acting up before they check their garage door opener range.

    You can make improving your garage door opener range part of your tune-up list.

    It will help you avoid instances where your door won’t open because of signal transmission.

    Simply remove any device that will jam the signal and you’re good to go.

    Check cables and wires

    Cables and wires keep your garage door running.

    Time may cause the cables and wires’ materials to deteriorate.

    You can prolong the life of these cables and wires by removing tangles and making sure that it is clean, removing any debris that may affect the coating.

    Update Door Limit Settings

    Door Limit Settings need to be updated for the garage door to open and close successfully.

    Making sure to update the door limit settings and troubleshooting it when needed will avoid unwanted problems with your garage door.

    Installing anti-vibration pads

    Anti-vibration pads will keep your opener from moving and causing it to vibrate.

    Install the pads to prevent the moving opener to escape from its placing.

    The anti-vibration pads will protect your opener from being loosened or damaged.

    Tune-ups are necessary.

    Some of the things on this list may need to be done every month.

    Some can be done every year.

    These are basic garage door tune-ups.

    For advanced maintenance, you will need the supervision or assistance of a trained technician.

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    Garage Door Repairs tips, recommendations and frequently asked questions

    Why does my garage door opener light bulb keep dying?

    First, check for any shaking of the garage door during operation. Usually, excessive vibration can cause the filament in your opener's bulb to prematurely expire.

    One garage spring broke. I have 2, should I replace both?

    Garage door springs should ALWAYS be replaced as a set. The reason is once one spring breaks, the other one is probably not far behind, especially considering how springs weaken over time. Combining a new spring with an older one will likely cause an imbalance in your garage door's operation. If you own 2 separate garage doors and only one spring has broken, it's strongly recommended to replace the springs on each door if their springs are around the same age. Depending on your door's position, when a spring breaks it can cause serious injury as well as damage your opener.

    Does my garage door require maintenance?

    Yes. How often you will require garage door maintenance all depends on how much the door is being used. Generally, we perform the following to ensure your garage door is working properly and tuned up: We do a visual inspection of all the moving parts. We ensure the tracks; rollers and hinges are clean and lubricated properly. We make sure all nuts and bolts are tight and clean. We manually run the operator and door through a cycle to make sure it is running quietly and smoothly. Also, We check the door balance at various opening heights. If the garage door passes all these test, congratulations, you do not need a tune-up.

    Can I use the old tracks for a new garage door?

    Using old garage door tracks with a new garage door is quite dangerous. Surprisingly or not, many home and business owners try to reduce costs on a new garage door installation by reusing their old garage door track with new panels. While this might reduce the cost, the new door can get damaged faster than normal and derail.

    How hard is it really to replace a garage door?

    Installing a garage door isn't as simple as installing a regular door. More so, installing it incorrectly can be dangerous. You should call a professional garage door technician.

    How long does it take to change a garage door?

    if done properly, roughly 3 to 4 hours.

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