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Garage door systems need weatherstripping.

It seals your garage door so that weather elements like rain will not damage your car and valuables.

The weatherstripping also provides insulating features for better energy efficiency inside your house.

Installing weather sealing on your garage door is a pretty straightforward process.

However, it takes a skilled and experienced technician to add the weatherstripping properly.

If you’re looking for garage door weather stripping Canada, you’re at the right place.

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What is Weatherstripping?

As its name suggests, weatherstripping keeps the weather out of your garage.

It creates a barrier for the gaps on the bottom and side of your garage door against weather elements.

There are many types of weatherstripping for garage doors.

Regardless, their purpose is to protect your garage door from strong rains, snow, hails, and winds.

They also keep pests, dirt, and intruders from entering your home.

Bottom Weather Seal

The weatherstripping found at the bottom of your garage door is called a bottom seal or sweep.

It is made of a strip of vinyl or rubber that runs along the bottom of your door.

Since it is flexible, it compresses against the garage floor when the door closes.

It seals your garage door bottom to keep rain, dirt, wind, and pests.

Thus, you must ensure that you have a solid bottom seal to protect the valuables in your garage.

Consider replacing the weatherstripping if you notice the sunlight passes through the seal.

Threshold Weather Seal

Like the bottom seal, a threshold seal protects the bottom of your garage door from external elements.

However, it’s connected to the ground rather than to the garage door’s bottom.

The reason for its location is it can prevent surface water from getting into your garage.

One downside of this weatherstripping is it also keeps water from going out of your garage.

It also makes it challenging to collect dirt and dust you sweep from your garage.

Threshold seals can stand alone, or you can have both a threshold and bottom seal.

This type of weatherstripping is more durable than the bottom door seal.

An adhesive typically secures the threshold in place.

Garage Door Stop Weatherstripping

You can also install weatherstripping on the sides and at the top of your garage door.

This weatherstripping is attached to the door stop molding connected to the door jamb.

Install a new one to replace your old, broken, and worn stripping.

It should be flush against the door to create a tight seal.

Panel Weatherstripping

Another type of stripping is panel weatherstripping which seals in between panels.

This prevents air from getting inside your garage, especially in panels with flat edges.

When your garage door goes down, the panels compress the weather seal to create an airtight seal.

Should You Install Garage Door Weatherstripping?

Installing garage door weatherstripping is an excellent investment.

The only disadvantage it has is the difficulty in taking water and sweeping dirt out of your garage.

But overall, weatherstripping offers a lot of advantages.

Thus, we recommend you install stripping on your garage door.

Garage door weatherstripping will ensure that your garage floor stays warm and dry.

It will keep annoying critters and dirt from finding their way to your garage.

It can also prevent flooding in your garage by keeping surface water out, even with a slopy driveway.

Furthermore, weather sealing helps insulate your garage so that you can save on your monthly energy bills.

Professional Garage Door Weatherstripping

Fixadoor Garage Doors can install your garage door weatherstripping in Canada.

Our highly trained technicians can set up any type of weatherstripping you want for your garage.

Besides this, we also offer other garage door services, such as garage door repair and check-ups.

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