Garage Door Weather Stripping in Canada

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Garage doors are enormous, and while it is sealed to keep water and other elements from entering your garage, the seals could break over time.

Ignoring the seals means that there would be cracks under the door.

Hence, this could create large gaps that ordinary seals could not cover.

Once you notice dirt, water, and draft entering your garage, there’s a high chance you need a garage door weather stripping in Canada.

If you’re curious to know more about weather stripping and its benefits, learn more in this guide.

All About Garage Door Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping is a simple process of replacing the seals at your garage door’s bottom, top, and sides.

This process also includes weatherstripping the panels if your want an airtight garage door as possible.

Moreover, it uses a vinyl strip to line all sides of the garage door, including the bottom jambs.

It is used to protect the structure of the garage door and the surfaces with which it comes into contact.

In addition, it prevents the air from entering and escaping in your garage.

Thus, keeping the weather seals in good condition is beneficial to save you on energy bills.

However, weather seals can fall out and break eventually.

When it happens, there’s one thing you should immediately do: replace the seals.

This is to ensure your garage is safe from weather, external elements, and temperature changes.

Why is Weather Stripping Important?

Without a good condition weather stripping, the garage would be prone to flood as water can easily sail past the door to infiltrate the garage.

This can be disastrous, especially if your garage has a lot of storage, including your vehicle and electrical equipment.

Additionally, it won’t provide insulation as the gaps can invite air into your garage.

Since weather stripping is subjected to friction to other surfaces, it doesn’t last forever.

Hence, replace it once it wears down.

Moreover, the following are other reasons you need to check on your weather stripping from time to time.

  1. Garage Door Weather Stripping is made of vinyl, rubber, or silica durable enough to keep up with the frictions between surfaces.

It prevents cold air during the winter from entering and hot air during the summer.

It also blocks water that derives from rain or storm that could infiltrate under the door into your garage.

Thus, it protects your garage from these elements that could damage it, affecting your equipment and belongings.

  1. A well-functioning garage door weather stripping covers gaps as it is tightly positioned against the ground.

The seal protects your garage from insects and pests that could potentially sneak under the garage door.

Hence, it’s essential to keep your weatherstripping in check to keep the bugs away.

  1. Strong or minor winds can kick up tree leaves, debris, and dust.

As the wind blows towards your garage door, an adequately installed weatherstrip can prevent these external elements from entering your garage door.

Make sure that your weatherstripping is well-functioning.

Otherwise, you need a garage door repair expert such as Fixadoor Garage Doors to replace it for you.

If you need a weather stripping replacement, call us!

  1. A good seal also keeps out the fumes and smoke from the kitchen or fireplace that can often drift around your home.

Fortunately, the smoke and fumes may not happen all the time.

However, you certainly want to keep them from entering your garage.

Keep Your Weather Stripping in Check!

Even if one part of your garage door is not working correctly, it could wreak havoc on your home.

You might compromise the safety of your home.

Even worse, you might encounter a flood in your garage in the most unexpected storms that could happen.

Since it is a part of your garage door, it is crucial to maintain its good condition as with all other components.

Thus, replace it once you detect signs of cracking, peeling, and breaking.

While installing weatherstripping on your own is a simple task, it can still be pretty challenging.

It requires specific tools and materials that you may not have in your home.

Also, you need to keep it glued and aligned around the sides.

Hence, there is a need for professional work when dealing with garage door weather stripping.

Call Fixadoor Garage Doors for a garage door weather stripping in Canada!

Aside from it, we also offer garage door services such as garage door repair, installation, and replacement.

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