How To Choose The Right Garage Door Opener

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    How To Choose The Right Garage Door Opener

    Choose The Right Garage Door Opener

    How To Choose The Right Garage Door Opener – Choosing the right garage door opener is essential in maintaining the performance and durability of the garage door.

    As homeowners, people should be smart about selecting the things they entrust in their property.

    When it comes to garage doors, people should look carefully at the quality of parts and the door itself.

    The door opener is the essential part of the door as it is the component that allows the door to automatically open and close at the command of the remote controls.

    High-tech openers save time because it is efficient and convenient.

    Most houses these days have automatic openers which is a smart choice.

    However, not everyone knows how to pick the right one.

    For one thing, selecting the best and appropriate door opener for the garage ensures people of safety and security, as malfunction and damages can cause a wide array of problems and accidents that are too dangerous to pass by.

    Not to mention, the wrong kind of opener can lead to many repairs homeowners cannot afford.

    The next time homeowners look for garage door openers, here are handy tips on how to choose the right garage door opener:

    Sort out the different drive options

    Homeowners need to learn about the three different types of drives before looking for a garage door opener.

    Those that have enough knowledge in the field certainly cannot be cheated out of the quality of the items they want to buy.

    People need to look at the types such as chain, screw, and belt of the openers and see if they are of good quality.

    In general, the chain drive is the cheapest out of all of them and is by far the most durable.

    However, it is also taken as the noisiest of the bunch.

    On the other hand, the screw drive leans on the average side as the drive that causes less noise but is a little expensive compared to the first one and is more likely to need more maintenance and possible garage door repairs.

    The last type is the belt drive which is the most expensive one but is definitely worth it since it is the quietest of them all.

    Study the horsepower options

    In choosing the right opener for the garage, homeowners may encounter the kinds of horsepower that the opener runs on.

    Some garage door openers require more than one half of horsepower.

    For instance, if the garage is made of wood, a three-fourth of one horsepower may be needed to ensure that the door is lifted due to the insulation.

    Some options require only one horsepower but may not be worth the price.

    The power options need to be considered as it could require a whole lot of garage door repairs in the future.

    Consider the AC and DC power

    In a sense, AC motors are considered cheaper and have more of a chance of having a chain drive.

    On the other hand, DC motors lean more on the expensive side and have a high probability of including a belt drive in its system.

    These DC motors tend to cost more as they are commonly running on a garage door opener’s belt drive.

    They include a subdued start as well as a soft start that reduces the noise.

    Furthermore, it also consists of a garage door opener that has a backup battery option that is almost only exclusive to DC-powered motors.

    DC motors are taken to be more durable and may require fewer garage door service for a long time.

    Check the backup power

    Homeowners will have to consider the backup power of an opener but need due consideration in deciding whether this one is worth the additional cost of adding a backup power to the garage door setup.

    For high-end models of openers, backup power is typically attached where it guarantees more safe and convenient operation in case of a power outage.

    Consider its reliability

    This is perhaps one of the most important things buyers of garage door openers need to consider.

    People need to make sure that the opener is dependable when it comes to performance, and most of all, its convenience and safety.

    Homeowners in Mississauga, Markham, Newmarket, Toronto, and other local areas need to be smart about choosing the right opener.

    When damages and malfunctions occur, however, people can always reach out to garage door repair services accessible anywhere.

    Garage Door Repairs tips, recommendations and frequently asked questions

    Why does my garage door opener light bulb keep dying?

    First, check for any shaking of the garage door during operation. Usually, excessive vibration can cause the filament in your opener's bulb to prematurely expire.

    One garage spring broke. I have 2, should I replace both?

    Garage door springs should ALWAYS be replaced as a set. The reason is once one spring breaks, the other one is probably not far behind, especially considering how springs weaken over time. Combining a new spring with an older one will likely cause an imbalance in your garage door's operation. If you own 2 separate garage doors and only one spring has broken, it's strongly recommended to replace the springs on each door if their springs are around the same age. Depending on your door's position, when a spring breaks it can cause serious injury as well as damage your opener.

    Does my garage door require maintenance?

    Yes. How often you will require garage door maintenance all depends on how much the door is being used. Generally, we perform the following to ensure your garage door is working properly and tuned up: We do a visual inspection of all the moving parts. We ensure the tracks; rollers and hinges are clean and lubricated properly. We make sure all nuts and bolts are tight and clean. We manually run the operator and door through a cycle to make sure it is running quietly and smoothly. Also, We check the door balance at various opening heights. If the garage door passes all these test, congratulations, you do not need a tune-up.

    Can I use the old tracks for a new garage door?

    Using old garage door tracks with a new garage door is quite dangerous. Surprisingly or not, many home and business owners try to reduce costs on a new garage door installation by reusing their old garage door track with new panels. While this might reduce the cost, the new door can get damaged faster than normal and derail.

    How hard is it really to replace a garage door?

    Installing a garage door isn't as simple as installing a regular door. More so, installing it incorrectly can be dangerous. You should call a professional garage door technician.

    How long does it take to change a garage door?

    if done properly, roughly 3 to 4 hours.

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