How to Improve Garage Door Security in Mississauga

How to Improve Garage Door Security

How to Improve Garage Door Security in Mississauga

Let’s discuss ways to enhance garage door security – These days, it’s crucial for homeowners to remain alert to ensure their homes are secure.

In the US, statistics show that almost 30% of burglars enter homes through opened or unlocked entrances.

Additionally, the National Association of Home Inspectors (NACHI) also notes that approximately 9% of burglars break in using the garage door.

This shows that not only should people keep their front and back doors locked but must also remember to secure their windows and their garage doors to improve the overall security of their household.

To help ensure peace of mind on this unsafe matter, follow these tips to enhance garage door security.

Inspect the area

Every now and then, one should look around the garage and try to spot any vulnerable entry points that thieves may use.

Attempting to think like them when walking around is good during an inspection.

Check all windows and make sure they are sealed and install door bolts for extra safety.

It may seem strange but, when having the same mindset as burglars,

homeowners will be two steps ahead of them if ever they do try to break-in.

Close off the garage

The most obvious way to prevent robbers from attacking homes is by closing off garage doors when not in use, whether there are people at home or not.

As much as possible, when working on something, one should keep from opening garage doors at an unnecessarily long period of time.

Doing this will only advertise to other people on what items one’s garage is housing and will likely attract burglars.

For additional security, windows should also be frosted or should be placed in high areas to restrict outsiders from any visual access.

Keep door openers from vehicles

Garage door openers may not be an expensive item.

However, they essentially serve as another entryway inside.

For security purposes, one should refrain from leaving them clipped in car visors or glove compartments.

Furthermore, attaching door openers to a keychain and leaving them in more secure areas is not only more convenient but is also the safer option.

Install alarm systems

In this modern age, there are various alarms one can choose to install in their homes.

A good choice of alarm to place in a garage is a motion sensor alarm.

There are two basic types of motion-detecting systems: passive sensors and active sensors.

Regardless of what is used, both can detect any movement inside, sounding the alarm and notifying the owner if ever a break-in happens.

In addition to this, there are smart garage door openers that enable homeowners to monitor the status of their garage doors wherever they may be.

The smart door openers will automatically send an alert to a smartphone whenever someone opens it.

For anyone investing in an alarm system, remember to never give away the security to the exterior wireless keypad to anyone and to change passwords now and then.

Pay attention to the exteriors

The exteriors around the door also play a role when it comes to securing the garage.

Thieves work during nighttime where it’s dark; thus, installing lights, especially ones with motion sensors,

will surely deter them from breaking in.

Also, strategically placing lights in high places will prevent anyone from deactivating them.

Pay attention to the plants surrounding the house as they may serve as hiding spots for burglars.

Always remember to keep them well-maintained.

Invest and purchase a dependable door

An outdated garage door is both a security and a safety hazard for everyone in the household.

Moreover, any gaps on an old door will surely be taken advantage of by a burglar when breaking in the garage.

Replace a run-down door with a new one and make sure to invest and purchase one from a trusted door brand.

Updating one’s garage door will not only improve the exteriors of the home, but it will also provide extra security measures.

The garage is one of the most important parts of a house, and keeping it safe should be a top priority among homeowners.

By following the tips listed above, one will surely improve the security of their garage doors.

Some of the tips above require help from professionals but, for anyone residing in Mississauga, Toronto, Markham, or Newmarket, rest assured that there are many garage door repair experts in the area to help.

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