Loud shriek of garage door alarm is thoroughly alarming: Fixer

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Whatever happened to the idea that the area around a hospital should be a quiet zone?

It apparently doesn’t apply to Women’s College Hospital, where the shriek of an alarm to alert pedestrians that a car is exiting its parking garage is so loud it can be heard more than a block away.

If the intent is to alarm people, it’s a bingo. It not only startles pedestrians on the Grenville St. sidewalk in front of the exit, it pierces local office buildings and even the homes of people in nearby condo towers.

Jehan Teja, who lives on the 23rd floor of a condo building on the northeast corner of Grenville and Bay Sts., about a block away from the garage exit, says the relentless shriek is driving her nuts.

She forwarded us copies of emails she sent to the hospital, describing the sound and asking that the alarm be turned off, or at least turned down.

“Even with my windows and balcony door shut, I can constantly and very clearly hear the piercing alarm that sounds each and every time someone exits the garage.

“I work from home so this obnoxious noise recurs throughout my entire day. I can only imagine how infuriating it must be to the hundreds of people who work and live in the buildings directly around yours.

“There are countless underground parking garages in the area and none of them have such an alarm.”

Teja contacted us after she the hospital told her it wouldn’t be turned down. The noise began a couple months ago and has wormed its way into her head, she said, adding…

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