Massive duck swarm covers entire front lawn when bird feeder is filled

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This homeowner in Iowa filled her bird feeder daily for all the little song birds in her neighbourhood. When she added corn, she was in for a surprise. A few ducks found the corn and gobbled it up like they were starving. In fact, they might have been. It was an extremely cold winter and the kind lady with the feeder, Jennifer, knew they needed a little help. Almost right after the first ducks found the food supply, business blossomed. It started with a few, but they told their friends and the friends told the other friends. Soon, word of mouth or rather, “word of beak” got around and it seemed like all the ducks in Iowa were descending on this front lawn to gobble up the seed. Jennifer and her husband were happy to feed them all! They were spending $50 per week on corn and $20 on other seed, but their feathered friends had very little food elsewhere. They began showing up at 7am for breakfast and 5pm for dinner. A few of the originals actually waited at the garage door each morning. Since this video was recorded, the animal lover residents moved to Texas to realize their dream of opening an animal sanctuary. Jennifer and Jim bought a magical little farm where the saddest and most needy can find the help they need. Most of their rescues are dogs and cats that nobody else could or would care for. Some have staggering medical costs and others just need more care than the average person can provide. Often they need to be nursed back to health with round the clock treatments…

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