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    Facing Broken Garage Door Springs and Need a Replacement?

    You go home after a long day and pulled into your driveway.

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    But the moment you hit the button, the garage door doesn’t open all the way up and you can’t get in.

    So you hit the button again to close your garage door and try to reopen it.

    Nope. It wouldn’t budge.

    What to do now?

    Definitely not a fun thing to happen, especially when all you want to do is go home and get some rest after an immensely challenging day at work.

    What could possibly be wrong?

    When garage doors stop working, one of the number culprits is a broken garage door spring.

    Why a garage door spring breaks

    Garage door springs breaking is a totally common problem – something that can easily be addressed by a professional.

    Here are the top reasons a garage door would stop working.

    Natural wear and tear

    This is the number one reason why you might need a garage door spring replacement.

    Even properly installed and expensive torsion springs can suffer from this natural occurrence.

    On average, torsion springs will last for at least 10,000 cycles (when the garage door opens and closes).

    This means that garage door springs usually only last for a little over 13 years.

    But since garage doors are often closed and opened multiple times a day, it’s highly likely that it won’t reach its actual life span.

    Rust buildup

    Over time, rust forms on your garage door’s springs, causing them to easily break, making its life span to be shortened.

    When there is too much rust on the coil, it causes friction and weakens this part of the door.

    This can be prevented by lubricating the coil every few months, which should only be done by a professional.

    Poor maintenance

    It’s natural for a garage door spring and other components to deteriorate due to wear and tear.

    But proper maintenance can help prolong their useful lives.

    One thing you can do is to use a lubricant on the coil at least three times each year. You should also regularly check your garage door now and then.

    Research shows that springs are more likely to suffer a lot during winter, so make it a point to check it frequently during the cold season.

    To check the garage door balance, you need to lift it halfway up and then let it go.

    You’ll know that the springs are still working fine if the door stays still.

    Otherwise, if the door moves down a bit, then it means that the springs need fixing.

    Incorrect installation

    The length of the spring and the size of its wire should be correct to prevent your garage door spring from failing after only a few years.

    Correctly installed garage doors will have one torsion spring on each side.

    An experienced installer will use two springs to spread the weight load of closing and opening garage doors.

    This is because a single torsion spring will just not do it.

    It can even shorten the life span of the doors.

    What happens when you have a broken garage door spring?

    Because springs are wound very tightly, there is a lot of energy stored up in it, like in a garage door spring, for example.

    It’s important that you only hire an experienced technician to check your garage door to ensure that they will be able to repair the problem.

    This is because broken springs can lead your garage door to fail, causing accidents and injuries, including broken fingers and head injuries.

    When one of the spring breaks, the remaining spring will be able to carry the tension for a considerable amount of time.

    But if you leave it unfixed for a long time, it can cause irreparable damage.

    Signs of a broken garage door spring

    These are some of the symptoms that will tell you that you need a spring replacement ASAP.

    1. Cables are loose. When cables are loose, there’s a huge possibility that the springs aren’t working properly anymore.
    2. Door feels very heavy or doesn’t open all the way up. When your garage door doesn’t open properly and feels heavy, the torsion springs supporting the door could be broken.
    3. There’s a visible gap in the torsion spring. A compromised torsion spring can cause a lot of problems, which is why you should contact a garage door expert immediately.

    Contact a repair specialist right away if you notice a problem in your garage door spring to avoid costly issues in the future.

    Garage Door Spring Replacement FAQ

    Can I replace the garage door springs myself?

    It is totally possible to replace either type of garage door spring on your own, but unless you're a very experienced DIYer, torsion spring replacements can be a very difficult task and you might get injured.

    Can I foresee that a spring will break?

    You cant really… Its somewhat like a lightbulb that stops working with no warning. A professional routine maintenance might help spot signs its time to replace the springs though.

    Can the lifespan of a garage door springs be extended?

    Yes, by correctly and routinely lubricating them. You can do it yourself or hire professionals.

    How much does a spring repair cost?

    The national average for professional spring repair cost is typically under $200. This varies based on your home improvement market, so your local garage door dealer may charge a lower or higher cost for this service.

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