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    Garage Door Cable Repair Services

    Get the Best Garage Cable Repair Services for a Safer Home!

    It’s hard to manually open and close garage doors to park-in our vehicles.

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    Thankfully our garages now can automatically serve its purpose with just a push of a button.

    A broken garage cable can sometimes come unexpectedly and definitely, will make matters even worse.

    We are more than happy to provide you garage door cable repair and other garage cable repair services right in the heart of your home! Learn more about our services and give us a call right away!


    We are FIXADOOR and we have helped thousands of homeowners all around the GTA with garage repairs, garage cable repairs, garage door repairs, and many more garage maintenance needs.

    For years, our team of experts has always been ready to assist you at any time of the day, every day of the year!

    Our excellent customer service team is available to pick up your call and we are here to help you fix that garage problem in no time.


    Garage cables are parts of a garage door system that can go faulty overtime if not checked frequently.

    Most homeowners think it is unnecessary to have them checked until one day you cannot close or open your garage doors.

    Garage cables are galvanized twisted wires and function as a lift cable attached to the bottom corners of the garage door.

    These cables route to counterbalanced springs in the garage door.

    An inspection for a garage cable repair may be dangerous due to the cables’ high tension and may require the help of experts.


    You will need a garage door cable repair when your garage door cable breaks as it needs replacement as soon as possible.

    Broken garage cables cannot be repaired and home repair kits cannot ensure 100% safety and efficiency.

    Duct tapes may temporarily help you, but in the long run, your garage doors will experience the same faulty problem over and over again.

    Besides, doing all the work can be very time-consuming and cannot be done right away. We sure don’t want our garages exposed or manually raise them every time you use your car.

    The best way to repair or replace your garage door problems is to have professionals do the work for you.

    Allow us to fix the problem in no time so you don’t have to hassle yourself ever again!


    The equipment and the work are on us! Our experts are more than happy to serve your garage maintenance needs with the best equipment we have to address every single garage door and garage cable problems.

    Not only you get your garage fixed, but you will get a thorough inspection as well to prevent future faulty garage issues from ever occurring again!


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How Do Garage Cables Break?

    Garage door cables have many reasons to break but the most common one is the break and tear that happens over the years that pass by.

    When these cables move, they are routed throughout a system of pulleys in which it wounds a cable drum.

    The present conditions of other garage door components that work with the cable every time it performs its tasks can also affect the cable’s overall condition.

    Signs like fraying, rust, corrosion, any other sign of wearing can determine the urgency of a garage cable repair.

    2. How Much Does Repairing or Replacing Garage Cables Cost?

    Replacing the current faulty cables with better ones can come affordable, but the installation process and overall garage conditions can affect the total cost of the repair services.

    For a better budget breakdown, contact us so that our customer service can provide you quotes and appropriate pricing for your garage concerns,.

    3. My Garage Cables Snapped, What Can I Do?

    If garage cables snap and your garage door is open, make sure to secure valuable possessions from the exposed garage first.

    If necessary, carefully cut any unbroken cable to lower the garage downs and shut your garage closed and safe.

    Be sure to immediately contact professionals to work with the broken garage door cables to completely ensure household safety.

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