Garage Door Motor Repair

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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Does Your Garage Door Motor Need a Tune Up?

    Over 70% of the country has their own garage door opener installed in their homes.

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    This is because the garage is the primary source of entry for homeowners daily once they come home from work.

    Garage door openers provide less body strain from the lack of manual lifting, ensures safety, and are quite the time-saver.

    It’s made of several basic parts.

    However, the motor serves as the heart of the garage door opener.

    When a garage door opener isn’t functioning properly, here’s how to tell if the problem is rooted in the motor.

    How to Know When in Need of Garage Door Motor Repairs

    The garage door still won’t open even though the other parts are working fine

    Check on the other parts before assuming the problem with the garage door opener is the motor itself.

    It’s best to make sure that the other parts are working just fine.

    In other words, make sure the door isn’t locked.

    Try testing out the garage doors’ balance and alignment.

    Check the plug in the garage door opener’s power source.

    Double-check the torsion spring in case it might be loose or broken.

    Don’t forget to look at the cables in case they loosened up or snapped off.

    There may be a chance that the garage door sensors are off.

    Finally, inspect the trolley carriage for rust, old parts, or stuck pieces.

    The garage door doesn’t open using the remote control or wall switch.

    First, test the garage door opener with both the remote and wall switch.

    Ensure that the sensors are working and that the remote is used within range.

    If either the remote or wall switch works, then the problem is probably with the other.

    However, if both the wall switch and remote cannot open the garage door or make the motor churn, then the issue is most likely the motor itself.

    A nonfunctioning motor does not always mean complete replacement.

    Consult an expert to double-check if the garage opener’s motor can be fixed up with a bit of repairing.

    This should be done before investing in an entirely new garage door motor so as not to spend more money on a motor that can still be fixed.

    It smells like something burnt out from the opener

    A burnt smell coming from the opener can mean one of two things.

    Either the power circuit blew, there’s an exposed wire or the garage door motor burnt out.

    If it smells like something’s burning, check the opener immediately to single out the problem.

    A burnt out motor is most likely the result of a broken garage door cable or torsion spring.

    If any of those two parts fails to do its job, the garage door will be too heavy for the motor to maneuver on its own.

    As a result, the motor overworks itself and eventually burns out.

    If this happens, try asking an expert to see if the garage door motor is still repairable.

    Vibrations can be heard and seen from the opener

    Vibrations on the garage door opener are more likely to be seen than heard, but they usually mean one thing.

    The garage door motor has old or worn out parts.

    These parts can range from bent shafts to old armatures.

    It’s best to get the garage door motor repaired before the internal damage gets worse or the vibrations get more severe.

    Keep a keen eye out for wall mounts loosened by the vibrations of the opener.

    This will help avoid dangers where the ceiling attachment fails and the opener ends up landing on a car or worse.

    Ask an expert for help!

    The Best People to Call for Garage Door Motor Repairs

    Garage door motors can be tricky to deal with alone.

    In order to avoid excess damage, it’s best to ring up an expert to check on and repair a non-functioning or faulty garage door motor.

    When it comes to garage door motor repair, Fixadoor Garage Door Repair is the best of the best.

    We ensure that our clients get their money’s worth with outstanding services and affordable repair cost.

    Not only this but we have experts that deal with anything related to garage door repairs.

    This means that we can also troubleshoot a malfunctioning garage door in no time.

    Ring us up today!

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