Toronto family shocked by anonymous letter calling their garage ghetto

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Is there any worse kind of neighbour than a bored, self-righteous busybody who dishes out passive-aggressive notes? And anonymously, at that?

The answer is yes: A racist one.

People all over the world are currently rallying in support of a Toronto family who received such a note after having a simple, nature-inspired mural painted on the garage door of their townhome.

Sapna Shah, who lives in South Etobicoke, shared an image of the hateful letter in a local Facebook group earlier this week, panning the author as “small minded, racist” and “elitist.”

“To the brave soul who wrote mailed this nasty message to my family and me! It’s been a few days since my 6 yr old asked me why someone wrote such a hateful letter to us,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

“All I could say is that you are someone who probably needs love in their life and isn’t getting it,” she continued.

“We wondered why something so insignificant as painting our garage door would cause you so much anger that you took time from your life to type and mail such hateful words to our family. Then realized you weren’t worth our time.”

The mural, commissioned by local artist Natalie Very B (aka @natalieveryb), shows some rolling golden fields with a moon and some constellations in the night sky.

This mural on the garage of a west-Toronto townhome prompted a vicious letter from an anonymous neighbour. Image via soundguy/Imgur.

The letter Shah received, typed out on white paper in all…

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