What Is A Mini Garage Door?

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A garage door is a necessity for every home.

It protects your home, secures your belonging and vehicle, and insulates your garage like no other.

If you’re thinking of having one for your home, an excellent place to start is to have a mini garage door, especially if you only own one small vehicle.

Thus, we will discuss what is a mini garage door and considerations when planning to get one.

All About Mini Garage Doors

A mini garage door has functions and features similar to a regular-sized garage door.

The great thing about a mini garage door is that it is small and has a cheaper installation.

By incorporating a mini garage door, you’re still able to protect your belongings, vehicle, and home.

However, you can’t fit in two cars with a mini garage door, as it is only catered for single-car use.

Moreover, most mini garage doors come with 8 x 7, 9 x 7, and 10 x 7 dimensions.

Keep in mind that only an SUV and no other than that can fit in a 8 x 7 garage.

So if you want to provide more space to your vehicle, 9 x 7 and 10 x 7 dimensions are better choices.

After all, these sizes can provide space for your belongings and small equipment.

Thus, avoid having a mini garage door if you own an RV or oversized trucks.

Planning a Mini Garage Door

Since we have already discussed the standard sizes of a mini garage door, let’s move on to how to plan your mini garage door.

First, you need to know what size your garage door needs.

You must hire a garage door repair expert to help you decide the style and size of your future garage door.

In this way, you can fit in your car and some small belongings you want to store in your mini garage door.

As mentioned, the most common requirement for a mini garage door that provides a small space for your belongings is a 10 x 7 door.

It provides a decently tight fit for your SUV, crossover, or sedan car.

Another consideration when planning a new mini garage is whether or not you want to attach it to your house.

Since attached garages are getting frequent as time goes by, you can also opt for a detached garage if you want to.

With a detached garage, you can upgrade it into a bigger one in the future if you plan to place more storage items.

Thus, it provides flexibility in size if you want to renovate your garage.

In short, the planning all comes down to the purpose for your garage.

An attached mini garage door will do if you only want to secure your vehicle.

However, if you’re thinking for the longer term and want to use your garage for various purposes, a detached garage door will suffice.

In this way, you can customize it if ever you decide on changing the garage in the future.

Or else, you’ll end up parking your car in the driveway if you plan to make your garage storage for your several equipment and belongings in the future.

Of course, to make better plans for your mini garage door, it’s always best to rely on a garage door services expert such as Fixadoor Garage Doors.

We will help you install your mini garage according to your preference.

Is a Mini Garage Door For Me?

There’s no better or worse garage door size.

It actually depends on your preference if you’re quite not sure what size of the garage door you need.

Depending on what you want your garage to do, you can go for a larger garage door or a mini one.

Since we have discussed what a mini garage door is and the planning involved with it, it’s time to decide if you want one.

Whether you want a new garage door or expand your current one, get in touch with Fixadoor Garage Doors.

We will help you choose the style, size, and color of your mini garage door.

Simply communicate with us your concerns, and we will do the rest.

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Professional garage door technicians are proficient in installing different garage door styles.

They can properly and safely install them in the most efficient manner.

Moreover, experts can also set up garage doors of any size, big, medium, or small.

Speaking of small garage doors, did you know that mini garage doors exist?

What is a mini garage door? Should you install one?

We’ll answer these questions shortly in this article.

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What is a Mini Garage Door?

As its name implies, a mini garage door is a small garage door.

It usually pertains to a roll-up garage door that is smaller than the standard garage door sizes.

A mini garage door is perfect for garages with limited space.

While it can accommodate a single car, it’s not usually used to store vehicles.

Mini garage doors are normally employed in commercial settings, such as warehouses, sheds, and self-storage spaces.

The smallest garage door size is 8’ x 7.’

However, 10′ x 7′ and 9′ x 7′ garage doors can also be considered mini garage doors.

Why is a Roll-Up Door Used For Mini Garage Doors?

Roller garage doors are incredibly versatile when it comes to dimensions.

Professional technicians can customize the roller curtain to the exact measurement of your garage door opening.

Thus, a roll-up garage door can accommodate even if you have a narrow or wide driveway.

Another great thing about roller garage doors is their space-saving feature.

Roll-up doors do not require any clearance space inside or outside your garage.

This is because the roller curtain moves vertically up or down.

Hence, you can park your vehicle as close to the garage door as needed.

This works well for extremely small garages.

In addition, the roller door curls into a spiral when it reaches the ceiling.

Therefore, this type of garage door doesn’t require a lot of headspaces.

You can still use the remaining overhead space for storage or lighting.

Should I Install a Mini Roll-up Garage Door?

Mini garage doors are ideal for a narrow driveway and a small garage.

You can consider installing a roll-up garage door so that your garage looks neat and properly installed.

Apart from its space-saving characteristics, mini roll-up garage doors are also aesthetically pleasing.

You can choose from the different styles and designs of roll-up garage doors to complement your home’s exterior decor.

In doing so, you can boost your home’s curb appeal and raise its value.

Another reason why you should install a mini garage door is its affordability.

Bigger garage doors cost more than smaller ones.

Hence, you can save more money if you opt for a mini roll-up door.

We recommend installing a mini garage door if you’ll only store your car, and you won’t use your garage for storage.

Professional Mini Garage Door Installation

Regardless of the size, installing garage doors require safety measures.

On top of this, professional technicians should do the installation process.

One reason for this is that experts have the knowledge and skills to install garage doors properly.

They can also safely carry out the installation thanks to their years of experience.

Moreover, professional technicians have the proper tools and devices to accomplish the task efficiently.

If you install your garage door on your own, even if it’s a mini roll-up door, you could end up hurting yourself.

You’ll also waste your time, energy, and money and still finish with an unsafe and malfunctioning door.

Thus, you must only trust reliable and experienced garage door installers.

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