What’s Wrong with Your Garage Door Track?

Repairing Damaged Garage Door Rollers

Have you ever walked into your garage on any given day, looking to fetch some storage items or to head out with your loved ones, only to find that the door just won’t open?

Or maybe even the garage remote won’t help at all?

One of the common reasons for a malfunctioning garage door could be the garage door track being misaligned or loose.

A garage door track is a long stainless steel rail found on the side of the garage opener.

This tool is essential in a garage door because of its strength to withstand heavy rain and wind.

What if one day your garage door track starts acting funny?

What are you going to do? 

Surely, there is a reliable garage door repair around the areas of Mississauga, Markham, Newmarket and Toronto.

Fortunately, there are always guides that could help you in repairing and identifying what’s wrong with your garage door track without needing an urgent call from a professional.

1)  The garage door tracks are misaligned

One of the apparent reasons as to why your garage door track is acting off is because of it being misaligned.

The tracks become misaligned because of two possible causes, it got hit by a heavy object, or it got loose.

However, the situation can be quite tricky to solve on your own, due to the exact measurements needed to fix the garage track to normal.

Best to call a garage door professional as soon as possible to get the job done.

2)  The garage door tracks are bent

Even with the heavy metalwork that these garage tracks go through to remain sturdy and robust, these garage tracks would often have dents or possibly an issue that could lead to a worse problem.

These happen once garage door tracks are often hit by heavy objects, causing them to bend and form a dent that will cause corrosion on the garage door track’s metal.

Consider replacing your garage door track by providing the proper tools and careful approach.

3) The garage door has dirty tracks—time to get some cleaning done

One of the more obvious possible reasons as to why your garage door track is acting off could be because of how it requires proper cleaning.

Dirt and debris can significantly affect the performance of your garage door track, best to inspect the tool.

Moreover, with the garage door track’s rollers are lubed, the deposit could easily combine with other dirty elements that could create a weird or stuck up movement when using the tool.

4)  The garage door tracks have roller problems

Rollers are one of the vital mechanic parts in a garage door track. One must pay attention to the other tools that hold a functioning garage door track.

These rollers are mostly found sitting on the tracks.

The rollers use the tracks to go up and down through the rails.

Once you hear funny noises from the rails of the garage door track, it means that there’s something wrong with the roller and rails. This means that it’s time to get it checked.

Moreover, some rollers are made out of different materials.

If the roller of your garage door track is made of steel, it can cause damage one way or another, causing scratches on your garage door track.

Nylon rollers, however, are the best resistant type of rollers that couldn’t harm the tracks.

5)  The last garage door track repair didn’t work out

Have you tried calling the last cheap and local garage door track repair but, until now, the tool is still acting funny?

Affordable and local garage door track repairs may be friendly to your budget but, sometimes, would fail to meet your expectations.

Always learn to double-check the garage door tracks after a replacement, test it out for a week and see if the garage door track is still acting off.

Inspect the tracks if they are in need of more adjustments or the tracks got installed are loose or wrongly placed.

Neglecting the flaws for a short while could be the start of more significant problems.

Make sure to contact a friend or the service crew of the garage door track’s company, so that they could lend you their suggested professional garage door track repairman that’s way better than the last.

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