Basic DIY Garage Door Repairs

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    DIY Garage Door Repairs

    DIY Garage Door Repairs – Learning to do things on your own is not a common occurrence.

    While it takes time to study and follow what needs to be done, it is also gratifying.

    It saves not only money but also manpower because it prevents you from hiring another person to the job that could have quickly been done by oneself.

    It is unavoidable when garage doors sink into several malfunctions or succumb to damages.

    When that dreaded thing happens, it is never time-efficient, unlike the service that garage doors typically offer.

    Homeowners find it tedious because they will need to call for garage door repairs and spend quite a lot of money just to fix.

    However, there are actually things people at home can do themselves to fix their own garage doors.

    With the right tools and knowledge, homeowners in Mississauga, Markham, Newmarket, and Toronto can do the job independently.

    For those who are reluctant for other people to handle their properties, the practice of DIY is beneficial.

    It does not only save costs, but people can also trust that the safety of their garage is guaranteed.

    Here are basic do-it-yourself garage door repairs to guide homeowners:

    Repairing the garage door’s photo-eye

    The photo-eye has a sensor that acts as the safety precaution, which allows the garage door to sense whether a particular object or person is blocking the way.

    If it detects something in its path, it prevents the door from crashing down on someone or something to avoid an accident.

    When it is broken or is in the state of malfunction, it could pose several problems.

    To fix it, adjusting the pivot bracket on the opener can help as it places the photo-eyes in parallel with each other.

    Ensuring that nothing is blocking the door’s sensors that may interfere with its beams such as tools, toys, or other small vehicles, will solve it.

    It is also good to clean it once in a while and remove any dirt or debris covering it.

    Noisy garage door repair

    When the garage door is making quite a racket when closed or opened, it is an indication of damage.

    There might be something wrong with the hardware being loose, the rollers being worn out, or the parts are in need of lubrication.

    A simple garage door repair can be easily demonstrated to resolve the noise.

    What people can do is to lubricate the springs, the hinges along with the rollers, and the cables for every two or three months in duration.

    If the rollers are made of nylon, do not lubricate it.

    If there are any loose parts, tighten them.

    Worn out parts may be in need of replacements.

    If the door still remains noisy after it has been repaired, it’s time to call a garage door repair expert.

    Remote control reprogramming

    Garage door openers not responding to the remote control is a pretty standard problem when it comes to signals.

    It might be that the range is off or the batteries are dead. If those are not the case, then there might be a problem internally.

    Reprogramming a remote can easily be done without a professional.

    Look for the manual and check the specific instructions on how to restart the remote.

    DIY Garage Door Repairs – Garage door tracks repair

    The door’s tracks should be aligned properly for it to work effectively.

    They should slant slightly if they are horizontal and face down toward the back part of the garage.

    There are also roll-up garage doors where the sections of the vertical track must be plumb.

    Notice that they should be the same height as the garage door.

    On the offset that the tracks are misaligned, some basic repairs can be done.

    The screws could be loosened or the bolts that are holding up the mounting brackets.

    The tracks can then be tapped into position.

    After that, check if the tracks are in the level to see if they are placed in the correct position.

    You can then tighten the loosened parts.

    Some basic repairs oftentimes won’t cut it.

    For that, a proper expert on the damage must take over.

    Remember that it is still best to leave the complicated repairs to the professionals.

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    Steve Wilson

    Steve Wilson

    Working and managing in the garage door industry, I've had my share of repairs and installations. But after recurring questions from clients over the years I decided to share all that I can about garage door services to help anyone find the best service for their needs. I will share what I learned with you here.

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