How to Replace A Garage Door Weather-strip

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    Garage Door Weatherstrip replacement

    Replacing A Garage Door Weather-strip

    Let’s talk about Garage Door Weather-strip Replacement – Items and machines are often equipped with parts that prevent damages and external factors to affect it.

    They are installed for safety precautions that allow your possession to stay unharmed and intact at times of difficulty.

    Such items often have their own arch-nemesis that, when encountered, usually wears them off.

    Your garage door involves a weather-strip at the bottom.

    The weather-stripping functions to keep moisture from entering your garage, and to prevent the cold weather from affecting the inside of your garage.

    It keeps out cold temperatures, so you do be subjected to the winter even in the comfort of your garage.

    However, common to all other components, they can also face damages or wearing out.

    For this, a replacement is your best choice to save it and you may need to call a garage door repair professional for that.

    Since not all of us are equipped with the ability to do the technical stuff and want to do it on your own, here are six ways to replace a garage door weatherstrip:

    Replace the garage door bottom seal

    This particular type of seal is found in the form of a long strip of a vinyl or rubber that has the function of attaching the bottom of the edge of the garage door.

    Because it is flexible, it compresses when you close the door to seal the distance on the floor so water, dirt, cold wind, and critters cannot enter its midst.

    When you notice that a ray of light is protruding from the gaps when the door is closed, that’s the time for a replacement.

    If your door is made up of wood, the primary strip-style seal with angled edges should be used.

    It seals the front of the entrance to the floor.

    Install it using aluminum or galvanized nails.

    If it is made of metal, you can also place a metal gasket seal channel.

    Replace the garage door threshold seal

    To keep out water on the surface, a threshold seal fills a large gap between the door and the floor.

    They are one of the best weather-strips to be installed in a garage door.

    You should replace it with the vinyl of good quality for a more durable threshold that is more effective than a bottom seal.

    Simply install it with an adhesive.

    On the other hand, it might be difficult for you to remove any debris with the threshold seal or hose down your garage as it keeps the water from entering.

    Replace the weather-stripping with galvanized materials

    If you notice your old weather-stripping wearing out and have not been as effective as before, install a new one using galvanized nails and screws.

    A weather-strip comes in the form of rolls to let you easily tear it in your preferred length using a utility knife.

    Ensure that the flange to be placed at the door-side of the weather-stripping is tightly pressed against the door for a quality seal.

    Unplug the door opener

    Before you attempt to do any of the aforementioned tips above, make sure that you disconnect the door opener from the power and switch it to manual operation by releasing the emergency red cord.

    Use an item to keep the door propped open, so it doesn’t close by itself while you are still working.

    You can use vice grips and put them on each side of your garage door.

    Because you are not a professional, you should keep in mind to put safety first.

    Check the product manual

    Manuals usually have a step by step technical instructions to guide you in installing the product.

    It typically lists all the tools that you will need in the operation of replacing the garage door weather-strip.

    If you want to do the job on your own, it is best to study the manual first.

    Call for professional help

    For technical work such as this, it can’t hurt asking for help from a registered professional.

    Doing work for your garage door is a nasty and dangerous business.

    If you have never done it before, it is recommended that you leave it to a professional.

    Of course, doing it on your own can save you the cost.

    However, ask yourself: is it really worth it jeopardizing your safety?

    If you are from Mississauga, Markham, Newmarket, or Toronto, don’t hesitate to call your garage door repair technician now.

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