Garage Door Will Not Close? These Could Be the Reasons Why

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    Garage Door Will Not Close – If you’ve got a car, probably even a truck in tow, a garage at home is expected.

    Away from precipitation, the occasional bouts of theft and vandalism, a garage door ensures reprieve for your valuables from any of the mentioned scenarios.

    With the continuous advancement of technology, garages are now augmented to suit homeowners’ preferences and made automatic— accompanied by features that not only guarantee efficiency but also exude taste and style.

    One problem that continues to annoy homeowners with their garages is the instance of their doors not closing fully.

    Sure there are times that a non-functioning garage door might finally work with a few tweaks and tugs;

    however, there are also cases where the best course to getting things done is to leave the garage door repair to the professionals.

    While the whole industry is robust and aplenty, homeowners can’t help but wonder the exact causes for their garage door performance to suddenly go awry.

    What could be the possible reasons then, should your garage door not close fully?

    To help you troubleshoot–suppose this problem arises somewhere in the future–

    here is a list of plausible reasons why your garage door is only closing partially.

    1. Misalignment of the photo eye

    Photo eyes are two camera-like sensors that are usually attached near the bottom of your garage door and are positioned parallel to each other.

    An invisible beam transmits between the sensors that subsequently detect any object that may come in the way of your garage door when it closes.

    Moreover, the photo eyes serve as a safety measure that prevents automatic garage doors from accidentally closing in on any object, which may not only cause grave injuries but also damages to your other properties.

    Should any of the photo eyes be misaligned, your garage doors are unlikely to close.

    The best thing to do hence is to inspect the photo eyes for misalignment.

    If nothing seems to be wrong with the positioning, check then the lens for any signs of dust as they are notorious for accumulating huge amounts.

    2. Garage Door Will Not Close – Object blocking the door

    If your garage door does not go all the way when closing and then seemingly returns up, a foreign object might be lying on the ground blocking the path.

    This phenomenon can also be triggered if there is a buildup of debris or a considerable amount of litter i.e., gum, rocks, or mud, to name a few, on the bottom of your garage door hinder the rollers from moving.

    Remember, even the littlest of objects are enough to prompt your garage doors from closing in–to avoid crushing whatever entity found underneath.

    Photo eyes also play a significant role in detecting the presence of any objects on the path of your garage door.

    Therefore, inspecting the area where these sensors are situated is the best thing to do first.

    You will also want to clean the tracks of your garage door regularly to prevent buildups from occurring.

    3. Drained transmitter batteries

    Contrary to popular belief, automatic garage doors can only lift themselves through the power generated from transmitters.

    If the batteries that propel your garage doors are left unwittingly uncharged, the signal sent by transmitters that allow your doors to open will not reach through.

    Therefore, it would be best to check first the transmitter built on the wall of your garage whether or not it is still able to lift the doors.

    If it does, most likely,  the battery of your car transmitter is the one that needs recharging.

    4. Broken springs

    Now, if you are sure that all your transmitters are working smoothly, the photo eyes clean and aligned correctly, no object is blocking your door’s path, and your garage door still only partially closes,

    then something must be wrong with your garage door’s torsion springs.

    The sound generated when these springs break is quite honestly enough to give anyone a heart attack.

    People sometimes forget that garage doors can weigh up to a hundred pounds and despite what most people think, it is not the garage door opener that does most of the heavy work but rather the heavy-duty torsion springs.

    If you find these springs broken, hiring professional help as replacing them can be dangerous.

    Numerous companies provide excellent garage door repair services, so there is no need to worry.

    If you reside in Markham, Newmarket, Mississauga, or Toronto, and is in dire need of garage door repair services, fret not.

    The mentioned areas are packed with repair companies capable of solving any problems you might have with your garage doors.

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    Steve Wilson

    Steve Wilson

    Working and managing in the garage door industry, I've had my share of repairs and installations. But after recurring questions from clients over the years I decided to share all that I can about garage door services to help anyone find the best service for their needs. I will share what I learned with you here.

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