Electric Garage Door vs. Manual Garage Door

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    Electric Garage Door vs. Manual Garage Door

    Electrical and manual are the two main types of garage doors used in many households.

    Choosing between these two depends on the homeowner’s preferences and the factors affecting the decision like the location and space.

    Both have distinct features that pose their respective advantages and disadvantages.

    Homeowners might want to delve into these qualities to make their minds in selecting the best option.

    Take note that there are many kinds of electric garage doors.

    These are chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, direct drive, and jackshaft.

    The most popular one is the chain drive.

    To help homeowners pick the most suitable garage door, these two will be discussed further.

    Electrical Garage Door

    The electrical garage door is most common in this era.

    With the advancement of technology, this type is deemed more convenient and more comfortable to use.

    It is the result of the evolution of the manual garage door that was invented around the 1920s.

    It was popularized after World War II.

    Technology seems to be making various upgrades to this type, making the most out of every opportunity.

    Now, garage doors can be equipped with other devices and can accommodate more functionalities.

    With its advantages, it is undoubtedly more popular among homeowners instead of manual garage doors.

    Here are the reasons why homeowners should consider electrical garage doors:

    Convenience and Comfort

    Electric garage doors are more convenient than manual garage doors.

    It does not require any heavy lifting; instead, it can be done with just a press of a button.

    It would avoid any unlikely tendencies that would risk the safety of the homeowners.

    Moreover, this type has built-in automatic lights that will turn on once the door is opened.

    There is a remote to access the garage inside the car instantly.

    Another thing is the electronic keypads that enable keyless entry.

    Still, with these conveniences, unprecedented damages might occur, so better be acquainted with garage door repair professionals in case it happens.


    Another feature is the safety that homeowners are depending.

    It has sensors that can detect any object that blocks the door’s path.

    These sensors will be triggered and automatically prevent the door by stopping or reversing its direction.

    Thus, any possible damages will be avoided, promoting safe parking.


    Aside from practicality, homeowners are bound to pick the option appealing to the eyes.

    This type is more attractive and would most likely complement modern houses.

    Manual Garage Door

    While the advantages of the electrical garage door are highly persuasive, manual garage doors have advantages that might be beneficial to some.

    Despite its well-known operation demanding physical lifting upon opening and closing, some benefits appeal to practicality.

    After all, the manual door is the pioneer of garage doors, and its services are already precedent and proven.

    Manual garage doors are usually installed in older homes.

    Its parts are most commonly attached to large hinges.

    Here are the advantages of manual garage doors:


    This type of door is low maintenance compared to the electric garage doors.

    Maintaining it is minimal because it is not complicated and does not seek regular inspections.

    There are fewer parts and no electronic technology is involved, lessening the complications that might occur.

    However, repairs are inevitable and unexpected, so if there is any fixing needed, seek assistance from garage door repair specialists.

    Since it does not require electricity, it is still functional despite the occurrence of a power outage.

    It would also avoid harmful dangers caused by electricity.


    This type is not acquainted with electricity, which results in a lessened electricity bill.

    It was also mentioned that it does not demand regular check-ups, making it appeal as budget-friendly.

    To add, the tendencies of electrical shock will not happen.

    Homeowners would also not worry about replacing batteries.


    As mentioned, this type is not complicated; thus, its installation is easier and faster.

    It is not time-consuming.

    Also, if experienced and skilled, homeowners can be done with minimal human resources and labor.

    Both electrical and manual garage doors have advantages that homeowners would find suitable depending on the surrounding factors.

    The two types also demand maintenance that can be done without outside assistance, such as in lubricating the components.

    If you plan to install a garage door or seek fixing, there are available services in Mississauga, Markham, Newmarket, Toronto.

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