Garage Door Frame Capping

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Garage door frame capping is something most homeowners do not consider for their garage doors.

However, it might be the exact thing you’re missing when you want a more durable and long-lasting garage door.

Fortunately, it’s not expensive to have this kind of addition for your garage door.

Actually, you might be surprised at the several benefits that a garage door frame capping provides.

If you’re curious, learn more about it in this guide.

What is Garage Door Frame Capping?

Frame capping or cladding is a process that involves adding a material, specifically aluminum, around the edges of the garage door.

The capping process is straightforward, but it must be precise to ensure the area is covered with aluminum.

Hence, garage door frame capping is best done by professional garage door repair experts.

On the other hand, you can install it on your own to save money.

However, if you want the best results, it’s best to rely on a garage door professional such as Fixadoor Garage Doors.

After all, garage door frame capping comes with several benefits.

Thus, there’s no reason for you to ignore this vital addition to your garage door.

Aside from providing durability, we will round up some of why you need frame capping for your garage door.

Provides a Polished Look to Your Home

Since frame capping uses aluminum as a material, it provides your home with a polished and clean look.

Aluminum doesn’t fade, rot or deteriorate as opposed to wood; thus, it will always look new as long as you maintain it.

This upgrade will make your home aesthetically pleasing, further giving your home an enhanced curb appeal.

Aluminum capping is also a way to renovate the look of your garage and your home.

If you want one for your garage, you can always contact Fixadoor Garage Doors to frame cap your garage door with aluminum.

No More Maintenance

An aluminum frame capping is a home improvement project that will lessen the need for maintenance for your garage door.

After all, maintenance is costly as you need to perform it yearly to check if everything in your garage door is in working order.

If you consider aluminum frame capping, it will cover wood, preventing water from getting in.

Hence, there will be no need for frequent maintenance.

Also, you don’t need to paint your garage door every single time with aluminum capping.

Aluminum itself is durable, and it doesn’t fade, which doesn’t require you to paint it or keep it shiny all the time.

Thus, to maintain the aluminum frame capping, wash it with clean water to remove the grime.

Incredible Insulation

Insulation means it’s energy-efficient enough to regulate the temperature inside your home and garage.

In fact, all garage doors are energy-efficient.

However, when you frame cap your garage door with aluminum, there will be improved insulation, requiring you to use less of your energy appliances.

The reason is, aluminum capping seals the edges and pockets of the garage door, which regulates the internal temperature of your home.

This means lesser energy bills and more money to save in the long run.

Don’t Doubt Its Durability

Aluminum Cladding is low maintenance since it doesn’t fade or rust when exposed to weather and external elements.

Hence, it is the top choice of most industries since it’s cost-efficient, durable, and low maintenance.

It Complements the Rest of Your Home

Aluminum frame capping is versatile, as you can choose color and design to pair it with the architectural design of your home.

Once you have already selected the colors and design of your choice, the garage door services experts will install them for you.

This upgrade will give your home an enhanced look, as it will complement the design and structure of your house.

Thus, it certainly makes your home look attractive.

Frame Cap Your Garage Door with Fixadoor Garage Doors!

Never again do you have to perform yearly maintenance to keep your garage door functioning all the time.

Instead, you meet with a new and improved look of your home with aluminum frame capping.

If you want your overhead door to last longer and save you on energy costs, don’t hesitate to have a garage door frame capping.

Call us if you need a garage door frame capping, and you can ensure a high-quality job performed by our garage door experts.

Frame capping is the process of covering the wood trim of your garage door.

It’s a popular home improvement project that can augment your garage door’s appearance.

The garage door frame capping will hide the existing flaws of your garage door frame, such as cracks and chips.

In doing so, it also protects the wood underneath from elements such as moisture.

Frame capping, therefore, results in a stronger and longer-lasting garage door frame.

Fixadoor Garage Doors can install aluminum frame capping on your garage door in Canada.

Our team of licensed garage door specialists will create perfectly shaped aluminum sheeting for your door frame.

We have been in the garage door service for many years now.

So, you can trust that we can proficiently and efficiently handle the job.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with our team.

What is Garage Door Frame Capping?

Garage door frame capping is usually made of aluminum. ​

It is metal sheeting that garage door technicians overlay on your wood trim to cover and protect it.

As a result, the aluminum capping conceals the cracks, chips, and peeling paint on the wooden frame.

It also protects it from further damage, especially from moisture.

When wood gets wet, it will develop molds and rot faster.

On the contrary, aluminum is hardy and resistant to damage.

It doesn’t rust or fade, so you won’t need to maintain and repair your garage door frame capping.

Do I Need to Install a Frame Capping?

We highly recommend that you install a frame capping for your garage door.

It’s more than simply boosting the aesthetics of your garage door.

Here are the reasons you need to install an aluminum garage door frame capping.

  • It makes your wooden frame durable

Installing a garage door frame prevents the wood underneath from rotting and developing molds.

As a result, it will last longer, and you won’t need to repair or replace them soon.

Aluminum is also durable and resistant.

It can withstand substantial impacts and elements without becoming damaged.

  • It requires virtually no maintenance

Aluminum does not rust or fade.

It also won’t require you to strip, sand, or repaint.

Thus, frame capping is an excellent solution to avoid costly and exhausting maintenance.

The garage door frame capping will only need mild cleaning once in a while.

You’ll only need a clean microfiber cloth and mild detergent to clean the capping.

  • Boosts your garage door’s appeal

The frame capping can cover the existing cracks, chips, and old paint on the wood trim.

It also creates a neat and appealing overlay for your garage door frame.

You can choose among the available aluminum colors to complement your home’s exterior.

As a result, the frame capping will enhance not only your garage door’s appearance but also your curb appeal.

  • Makes your home energy efficient

Garage door capping helps your insulated garage door achieve energy efficiency.

The capping provides weather-resistant protection against drafts and abrupt temperature changes.

Thus, the indoor temperature in your garage and house will remain comfortable.

This means you don’t have to exhaust your air conditioning and heating system to cool and warm your home.

It will save you tons of money from your monthly energy bills.

Professional Garage Door Frame Capping

Properly installed garage door capping is an excellent investment for your property.

However, you could end up hurting your garage door and home exterior if amateurs install the capping for you.

Your wooden door frame will also rot and become damaged quickly if the capping is not installed correctly.

Thus, you should look for the best garage door specialists in your area to cap your door frame.

Professional technicians have the right skills and tools to create capping for your garage door properly.

They have professional-grade equipment to cut, bend, and form aluminum sheeting.

They also know how to install the frame capping properly.

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