Garage Door Makes Banging Noise When Opening

Garage Door Makes Banging Noise When Opening

Does Your Garage Door Make Banging Noise When Opening?

Garage doors tend to malfunction from time to time.

Despite constant maintenance, there’s the factor of time playing in.

If that is not the case, then it is the lack of maintenance that is causing the door to stop working properly.

Garage doors make a sound when it works.

However, when the noises are different from when it functions normally, you should check out if there’s something wrong with your garage door.

In this list, we are going to breakdown the different types of noises a garage door makes and what may be the problem with it.

Types of Garage Door Banging Noise

Pure Banging and Popping Sound

If a garage door is making banging and popping sounds, there are two root causes; The torsion spring and the roller.

If the popping sound comes from the torsion spring, it may be because it lacks lubrication from the shaft when it twists.

The remedy for that is applying a lithium-based lubricant yearly or twice-yearly to keep it running smoothly.

If the torsion spring is making a popping, banging sound and the garage door crashes down, the torsion spring is broken.

If the torsion spring is indeed broken, both torsion springs will need to be replaced.

An advanced background on garage tinkering is required to replace torsion springs

The process and tedious and dangerous, which is why we do not advise people to do the reparation themselves or without the supervision of a technician.

If the popping sound comes from below or on the sides, then the problem may be the rollers.

The rollers are in need of replacement when it makes popping sound because it signals damage.

If the door wiggles when it opens and closes, then the roller is already out of the track, and the garage is putting significant weight that is causing the door to emit the popping sounds much louder.

Again, rollers are not the best DIY project to do because it involves handling hinges that are close to cables which are safety hazards.

Rattling Noise

When the door shakes and emits a banging, rattling sound, there are several problems causing the vibrations and banging noise.

The first one might be your opener’s chain drive.

The chain drive may be in need of lubrication.

That or it is loose.

If it is loose, call for a technician to tighten it.

The rattling noise may also be caused by loose screws, nuts, and bolts.

This is normal, and maintenance should prevent that from happening.

Tightening the loose screws, nuts, and bolts with a wrench will keep that in check.

However, if the rattling noise comes from the springs, the springs need to be replaced.

Extension springs can be made into DIY projects with supervision and caution, but tension springs are not.

Grinding Sounds

Grinding sounds are easy to diagnose but pose a threat

If it is grinding sounds, accompanied by banging, then it could be the rollers that are the problem.

The rollers are probably off-track and it is scratching the roller.

That is easily remedied by a lubricant.

If it is the hinges of the door that is making the grinding sound, then there may be cracks.

Those cracks are dangerous because it means that the hinges are worn-out.

However, if there are no cracks, a simple lubricant can fix the problem.

Squeaky, Banging Sounds

Squeaky banging sounds don’t necessarily pose a threat.

That is because most of the time, it is caused by the lack of lubricant.

The rollers and tracks may be emitting banging sound due to the blockage and friction which is why you will need to lubricate these areas from time to time.

Apply the lubricant on the weather-strip, in between the panels, and the frames of the door.

Sounds signal homeowners if there is something wrong with their garage doors.

If you find yourself doing all of this and the banging noise persists, or you are not confident in taking these tasks, call for the help of a technician.

Years of garage door service has made us an expert on diagnosing garage door problems through the noise.

Give us a call if you’re within the area.

Garage door problems FAQ

When is it time to replace my garage door motor?

Garage door openers usually tend to last a long time. The average lifespan of an opener is 10 - 15 years. You could prolong the lifespan to 20+ years if you keep current on the maintenance of the rollers and springs.

Why is my garage door shaking when opening?

Most chances are due to Bad Pulleys. There are two major types of pulleys that your garage door might have: press fit pulleys and cast iron pulleys. Cast iron pulleys are molded as a single piece, and as they wear and tear, they can begin to vibrate. Weakened iron pulleys would cause major shaking in your door and serious problems if left unrepaired.

How do I make my garage door move smoother?

We recommend 3 ways to keep your garage door running smoothly - 1. Remove Dirt From the Tracks: Over time, dust, oil, and other debris might accumulate in the garage door tracks. If all you need is a cleaning, it shouldnt take more than a few minutes to get your garage door running smoothly again. 2. Lubrication of all the hardware. 3. Door Balance.

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