Garage Door Pops When Opening

Garage Door Pops When Opening

A garage door in new or good condition should not produce a loud popping or banging sound when opening or closing.

But hold on! When your garage door shuts or opens, it makes a loud popping and pounding noise.

When this happens, there’s no chance the garage doors can work properly.

Noticing a popping sound emanating from your garage door indicates that there are problems that can lead to rapid wear and tear on your garage door opener – problems that can cost a lot of money to fix.

Popping and banging garage doors can be caused by a variety of problems.

And this will detract from your peaceful symphony.

If you encounter a circumstance like this sometimes, it’s probably a smart idea to read about some of the common causes and how to cope with them.

The garage door and garage door opener repair specialists Fixadoor have prepared a guide on what to do if you hear popping noises coming from your garage door.

What is the Source of the Popping Noises Coming from your Garage door?

Let’s take a look at what’s causing the garage door to create popping noise.

Roller and Tracks Inspection

Open your garage door to look for any gravel, dirt, or dust that might get caught in the tracks.

Make sure the rollers are circular and free of flat spots.

Use some vehicle engine oil or grease to lubricate the rollers, then shut the door and check it again.

Check and Inspect the Hinges

Garage doors can pop due to faulty or damaged hinges.

Please ensure that the roller bolt on the hinge is exactly perpendicular to the track, and also that the hinges are securely fastened to the frame.

Tighten any missing bolts with a box or screw wrench, and use a rubber mallet to repair any minor twists in the door panels.

A certified specialist garage door repair specialist should be consulted if there is any serious injury.

Problem with the Opener

Detach your drive chain first from the door and manually open it – you will need assistance with this.

Bear in mind that every time you use the garage door opener, it opens and softly closes hundreds of pounds.

The belt or chain in the door opener drive can be stressed as a result of this.

Since this job can be risky, it is best left to one of our garage door repair technicians.

Lubricating the Spring

Spring coils that aren’t lubricated can get stuck and make popping noises.

When opening the garage door, lubricate the torsion springs with motor oil lubricate, rubbing away any excess with a clean sheet.

If the problem persists despite following the steps above, a licensed garage door repair specialist may need to unwind, lubricate, and rewind all or most of the springs

Note: Do not try to unwind and detach the torsion springs yourself.

Torsion springs are the massive springs that run down the sides of certain garage doors.

These torsion springs will lock up over time, resulting in a noisy popping noise.

Since these coiled springs are very risky, this method of operation is best left to our garage door repair technicians.

When our repair specialists arrive at your house, they’ll listen to your questions before checking and examining the garage door to determine the source of the issue.

We will usually restore the popping noise to help prevent it from recurring.


Whatever might be triggering the noise, the safest course of action is to get it looked at and patched as soon as possible.

Noisy garage doors can seem to be a minor issue, and some may want to disregard them as long as the door is operational; nevertheless, doing so would just lead to more problems.

Don’t wait for that to happen; patch or replace whatever is causing the issue as soon as possible.

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