Garage Door Thud When Opening

Garage Door Thud When Opening

Any thudding noise or irritation caused by a garage door is linked to a specific issue.

If you hear a pounding noise coming from your garage, have the hardware tested to determine the source of the problem.

A thud sound when opening your overhead door can be distracting, especially if you have to leave for work early in the morning and the more you use your faulty hardware, the most likely it is to cost you money in maintenance.

Furthermore, certain thud garage door issues could necessitate technical knowledge.

Call Fixadoor garage door repair services for fast and reliable garage door fixes and parts replacement to prevent discomfort and disruption.

Our skilled mechanic will quickly repair your broken hardware and get you back on course.

Common Problems with Thud Sounds

If your garage door makes an odd noise, it’s possible that you haven’t given the hardware adequate lubrication.

However, if you hear a pounding sound, one of the springs may have cracked.

While not every banging sound means a major garage door issue, it’s best to assign that technical work to the experts.

We guarantee that we will supply you with comprehensive and dependable garage door repairs based on our years of experience and expertise.

Here are some of the most frequent causes of a thud or pounding noise from your hardware.

Garage door tracks that are misaligned, twisted, or cracked

The use of your garage door track over time will cause it to misalign, snap, or break.

The track will bend or crack due to the panel’s friction, weight, and shrugging.

When the hardware isn’t properly maintained consistently and there are flaws, it will deteriorate further.

As a result, the panel will pass in an unstable direction, making a thud sound.

Regularly check the hardware for bents, holes, and proper realignment.

If you are unable to keep up with the garage door’s simple maintenance requirements, contact us for assistance.

Broken or Defective Spring

The weight of the panel is supported by the springs.

Remember that the garage door shuts and unlocks many times a year and uses daily.

Given the component’s age and level of use, it would inevitably wear out.

As a consequence, a collapsing or defective spring will suddenly break down, causing a banging sound.

Springs, like all moving pieces of hardware, need to be lubricated daily.

If you ignore the spring’s maintenance requirements, you’ll almost certainly end up with a serious issue.

Call for technical assistance if you need to repair a faulty spring.

When you don’t have the best equipment and expertise, don’t want to replace the hardware.

Parts that are Loose and need to be Tuned Up

The garage door is built to open and shut by lifting.

Its work allows it to loosen the moving parts of the hardware.

Loose parts can trigger weird noises from the hardware.

And if you neglect them, the garage door’s overall efficiency will suffer.

Get the hardware tested daily to prevent expensive maintenance.

Call us at any time for secure, fast, and dependable garage door repairs.

Maintenance Regularly

The garage door has rotating parts and mechanisms that need to be lubricated daily.

Aside from applying grease, worn-out components should be replaced.

The garage door is made to operate smoothly and without exerting too much force on its parts.

If you notice any unusual functions or missing components, get them tested to prevent risking the hardware’s current state of performance.


While not every odd and banging noise means a serious problem, it is best to address the issue as soon as possible.

If you manage to use a defective and damaged garage door, you will only be causing further harm to the components and hardware.

And providing the garage door with the necessary product is one of the safest ways to prevent neighborhood destruction and expensive maintenance.

Garage doors have a lot of moving parts that need to be lubricated or replaced daily.

The garage door would even lose its grease or the applied lubricant over time as a result of its frequent use.

It will create friction between both the metal gears as well as other mechanical components if it lacks its lubricants.

As a result, more extensive and costly repairs will be needed.

Don’t wait for the garage door to break down in the middle of the night.

Call Fixadoor for technical help if you can’t put up with the garage door’s regular maintenance.

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