Garage Door Won’t Close? Here’s Why and How To Fix

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When you encounter a garage door that won’t close, it’s not just an inconvenience; it’s a security risk for your home or business. There are many potential causes for this issue, ranging from simple fixes to more complex mechanical problems. Fixadoor Garage Doors understands the urgency and complexity of garage door issues, and we’re here to provide comprehensive guidance on addressing this common problem.

Common Reasons Why Garage Doors Won’t Close

Several factors can prevent your garage door from closing properly. Below, we delve into some of the most common causes and offer solutions:

  1. Misaligned or Blocked Sensors: Safety sensors at the bottom of the door frame must be aligned correctly. If they are misaligned or something is blocking them, the door won’t close.
  2. Malfunctioning Remote Control: Dead batteries or distance issues can affect the remote’s ability to operate the door.
  3. Track Obstructions: Debris in the tracks can obstruct the door’s path and prevent it from closing.
  4. Broken Springs: The door relies on tension from the springs to operate smoothly. Broken springs can halt operation entirely.
  5. Worn Out Rollers or Hinges: Wear and tear on these components can cause the door to operate incorrectly.
  6. Limit Settings Off: If the limit settings on your opener are incorrect, the door might reverse before it fully closes.

Detailed Table of Common Issues and Solutions

Problem CategorySpecific IssuePotential Solution
Sensor IssuesMisalignmentAlign sensors so they match up.
ObstructionRemove any objects blocking the sensors.
Remote Control ProblemsDead BatteriesReplace the batteries in the remote.
Out of RangeMove closer to the door to operate.
Track IssuesObstructionsClear the tracks of any debris or obstruction.
Spring IssuesBroken SpringsContact a professional for spring replacement.
Roller and Hinge WearWorn ComponentsSeek replacement of rollers or hinges.
Limit SettingsIncorrect SettingsAdjust the opener’s limit settings according to the manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do garage door sensors malfunction?

Garage door sensors can malfunction due to misalignment, dirt and debris covering the lenses, or wiring issues. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and realignment, can prevent sensor-related problems.

Can I replace garage door springs on my own?

It is highly discouraged to replace garage door springs on your own due to the high risk of injury. These components are under tremendous tension and require specialized tools and expertise for safe replacement. It’s best to contact professionals at Fixadoor Garage Doors for spring replacement services.

How often should I perform maintenance on my garage door?

It’s advisable to perform maintenance on your garage door at least once a year. This includes lubricating moving parts, checking for wear and tear, and ensuring the door is properly balanced.

What should I do if my garage door opener remote is not working?

First, try replacing the batteries in the remote. If this doesn’t work, the remote might need reprogramming or replacement. Refer to your opener’s manual for instructions on reprogramming, or contact a garage door service provider for assistance.


A garage door that won’t close can stem from various issues, from sensor malfunctions to broken springs. By understanding the common causes and solutions, homeowners can often troubleshoot minor problems. However, for complex issues like spring replacement or opener malfunctions, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance.

Fixadoor Garage Doors specializes in providing reliable, efficient services for all garage door needs. Whether you’re dealing with a door that won’t close, require garage door opener repair, or need to install a new automatic opener, we’re here to help. With a focus on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction, Fixadoor Garage Doors is your go-to solution for garage door repairs and installations. Don’t let a malfunctioning garage door compromise your home’s security and convenience. Contact us today for prompt, professional service.

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