Garage Motor Not Working

Garage Motor Not Working

Having a garage door opener is a superb investment for the home.

It has an average lifespan of up to ten to fifteen years and serves as a heavy-duty shield for the family vehicle and storage.

With proper maintenance, the garage door’s performance could also exceed its lifespan years or, better yet, prevent experiences of malfunctions during its course of operation.

But as time passes, it is also unavoidable for our garage doors to experience these complications.

One common issue would be the garage motor not working.

As a responsible homeowner, the garage door motor works as the entire garage door’s mechanical heart and soul.

In cases of the garage motor not working, we may not be able to open our garage doors with a click of a remote, and it would be a hassle.

Below are some of the few tips homeowners should keep an eye out for when the garage motor starts acting funny.

1 Inspect Your Garage Door

One of the essential first steps to do before calling the local garage door repair service is to check the problem.

Inspecting the entirety of your garage door set up, whether it can smoothly open or close by using the emergency release cord.

Never attempt to work with an open garage door.

Always work with a closed garage door to avoid any unforeseen accidents.

With the emergency release cord pulled, you can test whether the garage door opener can smoothly do its close and open function.

Furthermore, once this is done, carefully place back the emergency release cord to its original position and try checking the rest of the garage door’s parts, such as its tracks, rollers, etc.

If there are no significant damages found in the other parts of the garage door assembly, test out the motor unit.

If the garage door still fails to fully open, then it’s time to inspect the motor unit.

2 Garage Door Moves At A Sluggish Pace

You would know when a garage door remains at its best, even after many years of usage, when it can still support the weight of its mechanisms at a decent speed.

Moving with a pace that is not too fast yet not too slow, the garage door should be able to open up.

However, there will come a time when the garage door moves at a sluggish pace, and it’s not recommendable to keep it that way for too long.

The garage door being slow could mean many things.

One of these is that the garage motor cannot pick up enough electricity to support the garage door’s weight, unlike before.

The motor unit is connected to the household’s power supply and converts the electrical energy into motion.

When the garage door motor isn’t able to pick up enough energy to lift the garage door, the rest of the garage door parts are expected to work at a slower pace.

This could be the reason behind why some garage doors only stop halfway through when homeowners try to open or close them down.

It’s also important to not get the garage door’s motor unit in a state of overheating, as it could cause more complications to the entire garage door assembly.

Calling the experts for a motor replacement is the possible solution to the problem, yet its repair cost might make you spend a lot.

3 Remote Doesn’t Respond

Poor remote connectivity could be another apparent reason why your garage motor unit doesn’t work.

Most automatic garage door openers come with remote control for more comfortable handling for homeowners.

However, there will always be the case of a broken remote control which could be the reason why most homeowners would immediately assume that the motor unit isn’t working.

Replacing the old batteries of the remote or resetting the system could get your remote control back to functioning.

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