How Much Does A Garage Repair Cost in Mississauga

How Much Does A Garage Repair Cost

How Much Does A Garage Repair Cost in Mississauga

Ultimately, every household will need to undergo a garage door renovation.

Usually, the job required for everything to be okay will be upon the damages determined by the diagnosis.

Most certainly, if you’re a resident of Etobicoke, you’ll need a team of professionals to fix a garage door successfully.

Of course, a job like this isn’t free. While garage renovation sounds complicated, the pricing is a lot easier to follow.

This article will tackle and explain the costs of different garage door jobs you can avail of in Ajax.

Garage Door Spring Problem

Residents of Mississauga are well aware that a garage door’s spring is very sensitive.

It’s very fragile to the point that professional garage door repairmen are always advising clients never to touch it.

Since it can break easily, the fixing and repairing of the part are widespread, so we have a reasonable estimate of the price.

For a broken garage door spring, it would take around $50 to $100.

Note that the prices indicated are per spring, so you might need to prepare more funds if two or more springs need fixing.

The repair cost may also differ due to labor and different material choices.

Garage Door Cable Problem

A lot of Ontario residents are experiencing troubles in their cables.

While it’s sturdy, the chances of it breaking are there, and we regret to tell you that the cost isn’t that welcoming.

The material in the cable isn’t expensive at all, but the installation process is why the cost skyrockets.

We’re looking at a $150 to $250 range. It can quickly scale depending on the time needed for the cables’ installation.

Garage Door Sensor Problem

Sensors are susceptible, and even by misaligning them, there’s a very high chance that the garage door may encounter some issues if they are opening and closing.

A garage door repair would cost you around $50 to $75. If you have enough knowledge, you can realign the sensor yourself to save some cash.

Garage Door Track Problem

Much like cables, garage door tracks are also highly durable.

In some cases, however, they can be bent, causing the whole garage door to malfunction.

Worry not though, as newer equipment are now existent to aid the reshaping of a track.

Be mindful that this garage door fix type can cost you around $125 to $150, factoring the labor cost, time, and materials.

Garage Door Glass Panel Problem

Several garage door builds involve glass panels, and they are excellent in terms of design and durability.

In case something terrible happens and they break, a replacement would cost you around $75 and could even be more expensive, depending on the materials.

If you have what it takes to replace the glass, you may have to spend $25 on the materials alone.

Garage Door Roller Problem

Both rollers and hinges are both known to require fixing. Garage door renovation involving these parts, however, is inexpensive.

Every piece that needs repairing would cost you $10 to $15.

Garage Door Styles and Materials Repair Cost

Aside from common fixes and replacement, a garage door repair cost may also be affected by its style or build. If you’re afraid of not being able to tend your garage door, make sure that you contact a professional right away.

Sectional – This garage door style is popular because of its simplicity. Repairing one would cost you around $128.

Carriage – For a carriage-style door, you should expect the bill to be around $133. Note that it could be easily modified by a professional behind the renovation, depending on their rates.

One-panel – Although known as a traditional design, a one-panel garage door is far more expensive than the latter two, averaging around $172.

Wood – A garage door made out of wood would cost more than other available materials in the market. It has an average cost of $190 to $215, and can easily change depending on the style and the added design choices, such as painting.

Aluminum – Although it is quite rare for this type of garage door to receive fixes, they can be expensive at around $176 to $200. The best thing about this material is that owners wouldn’t worry much about rust buildup.


Garage door fixes may be expensive, but it is a requirement that they need to deal with as soon as possible.

To prevent more damages from happening, hiring professional garage door renovation specialists is the best way to go!

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