How To Fix Dented Garage Door

How To Fix Dented Garage Door

Garage doors contribute to our home’s exterior appearance, so any dents on them are quite noticeable.

Aluminum and steel garage doors are becoming more prevalent in residential construction.

These materials are popular because of their durability and ease of maintenance.

Despite their appeal, they do have one disadvantage: they are prone to dent.

Whether you accidentally drove into your garage door or a severe storm-caused mark, garage door dents can be repaired.

A significant dent in the surface of your garage door is quite an eye-sore.

While they may not appear to be serious, they can result in corrosion and subsequent damage.

Additionally, it may compromise the door’s structural integrity and functionality, necessitating professional repair.

On the other hand, small ones can be repaired quickly—here’s our guide on how to fix dented garage door at home.

Different Materials Entails Different Types of Repair

Not all garage doors are made the same.

That is why you need to know what type of material is made of to do the necessary repair.

It is highly suggested to seek help from garage door experts to handle dented garage door problems but here are general ways you can do to fix it.

Aluminum Dent Garage Repair

Aluminum garage doors are more malleable than other types of garage doors.

While this makes it more prone to damage, it also makes it easier to repair.

Below are the materials you need for this

  • bucket of water
  • sponge
  • dish soap
  • heat sources like a heat lamp, lighter, heat gun, or a hairdryer
  • aluminum foil
  • can of compressed air

Only add one tablespoon of dish soap to the bucket of water and make sure that the water is well dispersed.

Remove all debris and dirt from the dented area.

Allow it to air dry before continuing. Following that, measure and cut a piece of tinfoil and tape it over the dent.

For one minute, place the heat source directly over the aluminum foil to allow heat to transfer to the dented area.

It is critical to heat the entire area.

Remove the foil and immediately spray the condensed air evenly over the place.

The can should be upside down which releases the carbon dioxide that can remove garage door dents.

The sudden temperature changes would reinforce the original form of the dented aluminum.

The unique molecular structure of aluminum is responsible for this.

Note: If you don’t have lighter or aluminum foil on hand, heat the surface of the dent with a hairdryer.

To perform the repair, choose a mild and sunny day.

On windy and rainy days, it’s challenging to get the aluminum foil to heat up quickly.

Steel Dent Garage Repair

When working with stainless steel, a different approach is required – use a steel door or auto body filling compound.

To begin, thoroughly clean the damaged surface with dish soap and water and allow the area to dry.

Sand the dent with sandpaper, remove any dust, and then use a putty knife to add an auto body filling compound.

After the compound has dried completely, smooth the region with finer grit sandpaper.

Then paint it to match the surrounding material.

Alternatively, clean the area, put a wood block over the dent, and strike it with a mallet.

This movement should be sufficient to eliminate the dent.

After sanding the area to an even surface, use a putty knife to apply a patching material uniformly.

When dry, sand it again, and then apply it before adding the top coat of paint.

Those are two ways on how to fix dented garage door.

Again, you need to call a garage door expert to thoroughly check your garage door’s overall integrity.

Some problems are far more extensive than it seems it to be.

It never hurts to have your garage door inspected and cleaned regularly.

Addressing dents, dirt, dust, and grime can avoid costly future problems and repairs.

Consult a Specialist For Your Dented Garage Door

Inevitable dents will require more than your do-it-yourself skills to remove, contact GRG for the best residential and commercial repair and replacement services.

Our team can help you repair the defective surface or provide a variety of affordable alternatives.

Our skilled technicians will fix your issue, recommend the best course of action, and provide you with a reasonable quote for the repair.

We strive to deliver high-quality work to our customers and treat each dent, scratch, and breakage as if it were our own.

Allow GRG to handle all of your garage door needs.

Call us today for additional information or to schedule an appointment for a repair.

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