How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

How to fix a noisy garage door

How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

How to fix a noisy garage door – A home looks complete when you have a garage.

It is very beneficial when you have cars, and you can also store different things that are taking too much in your home.

However, it can be a nightmare once your garage door becomes noisy.

It can piss off your neighbors, wake them up, and bring stress to your neighborhood.

Do not worry. We have gathered different procedures on how to keep that garage door silent.

Remember not to silence your garage door when it is heavier for you to lift or hard to move.

You need to be safe while performing any method and immediately call a professional garage door renovation company when necessary.

Procedures to Silent Your Noisy Garage Door

1. Secure Bolts and Nuts

A straightforward issue why you hear so much noise in your garage door is because of loose screws, nuts, and bolts.

It causes the door to sound rattles, and one thing you can do is use a socket set and wrench to tighten the bolts and screws.

Just make sure that you do not tighten it too much as this can pull the carriage bolt heads and lag the screw holes.

Most essentially, always have precautions before you do any work on your garage door.

You can ask help from a relative or a friend while you adjust screws and bolts.

Before you begin, disconnect the garage door opener to prevent it from opening while you work.

Never repair, remove, or adjust parts and springs connected to the cables, steel brackets, fasteners, bolts, and woodblocks other parts included in the counterbalance system.

Always remember that high spring tension can lead to severe harm and even death.

Ensure that only professionals from Mississauga, Markham, Newmarket of garage repair door companies, and Toronto will only repair them.

2. Regularly Replace or Lubricate Rollers

If you hear a grinding or sneaky noise whenever you open and close your garage door, the rollers may be the problem.

You can lubricate them yourself but ensure that you are keen, and other parts will move too.

Lubricate them regularly to lessen the noises from your garage door.

In case lubricating does not work, try to replace them.

3. Regularly Replace or Lubricate Springs

Garage doors may include extension or torsion springs.

Extension springs are located on the door sides’ tracks, and above the door are the torsion springs.

If a spring gets broken, it will surely make noise.

If this occurs, never repair, adjust and remove springs, especially when connected.

Always remember that high spring tensions can bring injury and danger.

You can call for a professional technician to help you.

4. Regularly Replace or Lubricate Hinges

By now, you may realize that a garage door includes many parts that, in time, can wear out if you know how to fix these issues such as noisy garage door, then lucky for you.

But, as people do, you have to check all the pasts, including hinges.

Hinges can be worn out, get broken, can gather metal filings, and have dust.

Many suggest that replacements and repairs of hinges must be done only by garage repair improvement technicians.

Never adjust the hinges on your own or even with a friend.

The danger is all over the garage door, and it can lead to severe harm and death.

5. Check Your Belt Drives

Always check the belt drive or chain if it is loose or not.

It is also one factor that can affect why you hear annoying squeaky sounds when your door moves.

When the belt drive is still good, you can opt for lubrication until it stops creating noisy sounds.

Choose a belt drive material that is less noisy and is durable.

The best belt drive system is made from steel-reinforced rubber as they are less noisy, unlike other materials.

Optimistically, one of the procedures mentioned above, can help with your issue.

But, if none of the above does work well to keep your garage door quiet, it is time to hire the best garage door repair company that will do the work of your issue.

Once the issue is done, you can then have it maintained and checked at least once a year and lubricate them every two months.

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