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How To Open a Garage Door Manually

How To Open a Garage Door Manually

How To Open a Garage Door Manually – Almost every machine is now operated through buttons or remote controls.

The advent of technology has allowed us to navigate through the day easily without breaking a sweat.

Remote commands have been a valuable invention, especially in terms of making the work more efficient.

Take a look at your garage door, for example.

You open and close it using its remote.

Because of this, you do not have to get out of the car just to open the door and then get back in again to park it.

It merely does the work for you.

The value of technology has marked itself on the function of lifting the burden of work from people.

However, as we grow accustomed and dependent on it, we sometimes forget how to do things on our own.

With the internet making it easier for us to communicate without facing each other, we might forget what face to face interactions actually feel like.

It is the same for our garage doors.

How many of us know exactly how to open it manually?

In the case of a power outage, one will need to open his/her door on his/her own.

Here are five tips on how to open a garage door manually:

1. Make sure the door is facing down

Before attempting to open the garage door opener, make sure that it is in the down position.

Do not try to remove the garage door opener while the door’s stance is open; otherwise, it might be severely dangerous.

On the other hand, if it gets stuck in the open stance, call for a professional to get the garage door repaired immediately.

2. Use the bypass

A garage door that is built to be automatic is equipped with a bypass that allows homeowners to unlock it on their own.

It is a precaution for when the remote is lost when there’s a power outage.

This bypass automatically disentangles the door from the power but still keeps it on track.

After disconnecting it, you will be able to lift it on your own.

You can also secure the bypass and use the door after resolving the problem.

3. Tug the red cord

There is an emergency cord in the form of rope (in the color red) that usually dangles from the garage door’s trolley.

If the door is closed, the release cord is positioned right beside the frontal area.

The trolley is linked to the door and moves along with it as it functions.

It is also connected to the door’s opener.

If the release cord is pulled, it disconnects the trolley from the opener that will enable the person to open the door manually.

A ladder will be needed for this.

4. Use a two-by-four to keep the door open

As it is operated through electrical power, the door will not stay open when there’s a brownout/blackout.

After opening it, use something to let it stay open such as a two-by-four or have another person hold it for you while you do what you have to do inside.

When you are finished, you can just simply ease it down to close it.

Tug down on the red cord to secure it in place.

5. Do not try to pull the red cord when the door is open

If you are having trouble with the power and are trying to close the garage from outside after opening it, never attempt to pull the emergency cord to close it again.

The weight of the garage door may crash down, potentially hurting anyone under it.

Simply ease it down or leave it open until the power is resolved.

If these are not possible, ask for help from an expert technician.

To keep your garage functioning properly, make a habit of making sure the roller, as well as the chain, are lubricated.

The lubrication allows the parts to last longer and prevent rubbing off on each other.

Always check the product’s manual and study the system before attempting to work on the door on your own.

If you are from Mississauga, Markham, Newmarket, or Toronto, contact a garage door repair professional for help.

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